A Message for Mr. Sharp and an Interview with Maripat Perkins

Dear Mr. Sharp, 

I hope you're having a wonderful day. Are you excited for MRA and spring break? I'm sad to miss MRA for the first time in three years, but I'm excited to spend time in New York City. Good times! 

Instead of filming a video this week, I'm sharing my interview with Maripat Perkins. We chatted about Rodeo Red, Molly Idle, picture books, and reading. I wrote the words in red, and Maripat wrote the words in black. 

Have a great day!


Visit Mr. Sharp's blog to watch his Saturday video. 

Rodeo Red and Rusty are probably curled up surrounded by a load of library books right about now.

Did you know Sideswiping Slim is actually a lot like my daughter was when she was little. She liked nothing better than to mosey into her big brother’s room and take off with anything that wasn’t nailed down.

Molly Idle’s illustrations are Full and Rich. There is something so scrumptious about her scenes. After reading one of her books, or enjoying her images for Red, I feel well fed and completely satisfied.

Picture Books are stackable, so it’s important to take out as many as you can carry. (I often wish libraries provided grocery carts. I would take books out by the cartful!)

Download the Tomfoolery-proof Guide to Hostin' Rodeo Red's Roundup

Reading is essential. Not quite on par with breathing, but pretty durned close.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me What’s the Best thing about being a new author? Meeting Lots of people who Love picture books as much as I do!

Thank you, Maripat! 

Borrow Rodeo Red from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


  1. This way such a fun read--it had great voice and I loved the whole cowboy angle--very fresh!

    Thanks for sharing this!


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