"Mr. Schu Finds 'Forever Books' for Kids" by Naomi Krueger

When you walk into a bookstore, looking for the perfect children’s book for that child in your life, do you ever feel at a loss for which book to choose? There are the classics of course, like Good Night Moon or Charlotte’s Web, which are always good choices. But what about new books? How can you tell what books are worth buying and reading again and again?
John Schumacher, otherwise known as Mr. Schu by his students and Twitter followers, hunts for the best children’s books so you don’t have to. 

Please click here to read the rest of the article. 

(Naomi, thank you for featuring me and my library program.) 


  1. For some reason, my comment wouldn't post on Naomi's blog : / Something about java. Some kind of glitch : /

    Anyway, it was a very special article and I learned more about you, John, that makes you even more special :)

  2. Great article, Naomi! I wish all children's librarians and educators were as dedicated as Mr. Schu.


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