The April #SharpSchu Book Club Meeting

Mr. Colby Sharp, Margaret McNamara, Victoria Jamieson, and I hope you'll join us on Poem in Your Pocket Day to discuss A Poem in Your Pocket and Roller Girl. I cannot wait to find out which poem you'll carry in your pocket. 

Borrow A Poem in Your Pocket and Roller Girl from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshop. 


  1. We celebrate with stickers we designed for students and staff who have poems. Teachers are encouraged to plan poetry activities in the classrooms.

  2. I absolutely LOVED A Poem In Your Pocket--it was so sweet, and touching.The poem that the MC writes in the end is just so lovely, and the quintessence of poetry! It made me weep... Haven't yet read Roller Girl--will check that one out. Thanks!!

  3. My girlfriend's a roller derby player, so we ordered this a long time ago along with several other books about roller derby (including Roller Derby Rivals) to explain it to my nine-year-old daughter. Turns out it's the next Smile! She devoured it as fast as El Deafo.


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