Cover Reveal for The Wrong Side of the Bed by Lisa M. Bakos and Anna Raff

I am excited to welcome Lisa M. Bakos and Anna Raff to Watch. Connect. Read. to debut the cover for their forthcoming picture book, The Wrong Side of the Bed. Thank you, Lisa and Anna! 

Photo Credit: Stevie Sturla

I'm honored and thrilled to have you reveal the cover for The Wrong Side of the Bed, G.P. Putnam's Sons, written by me, Lisa M. Bakos and illustrated by the wonderfully talented Anna Raff!


I was inspired to write this book for my youngest child, who, well, you guessed it, sometimes wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. At the end of the day - and especially at the beginning - it's all how you look at things. I'm hoping this book encourages readers to always look on the bright side!

Photo Credit: Symon Chow

I had such a good time illustrating this book—Lisa's text is full of comic opportunities, with her ever increasing motley crew of animals creating trouble for the main character. One highlight for me was the porcupine who shows up on almost every page. I loved figuring out what new stuff would be stuck to him. And another great moment was choosing just the right color for the “bubbles” the mischievous pair of penguins make at bath time. I’ll let you imagine just what kind of bubbles I’m referring to.

When you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, there's just no getting around it: the porcupine under the covers will want to snuggle (oww); penguins will make bubbles in your bath (eww); and a crocodile will probably need to borrow your toothbrush (yuck). It's just going to be that sort of day (no thanks). 

Unless you decide that it isn't. 

A whimsical assortment of havoc wreaking critters is here to inspire Lucy - and readers - to turn their all-wrong days into all-right ones.


  1. I love this book already! Only four more days till publication!

  2. Would love to share this with my kiddos!


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