Video of the Week: Caldecott Medalist Jon Klassen on Picture Books

5 Things I Love About This Video

1. The first thing I look at when I see Jon in person or in a video is his hat. :) 

2. "I think this is the luckiest job." -Jon Klassen

3. You can see Lauren Castillo, Paul Rodeen, and Lori Kilkelly in the background getting ready for Lauren's signing for Yard Sale. (Sherri Duskey Rinker makes an appearance at 1:26.) 

4. Scholastic's "Open a World of Possible" campaign is highly visible during the interview.

5. Jon inspired me to re-read Sam and the Firefly


  1. I loved the part when he talked about removing the narrator from the story and allowing the reader to figure out some of the story for themselves. This is why I love using his books to teach inferring - because he leaves just as much out of the story as he puts in! Love his hat too! He wears a hat to every conference! Wish I was in SF right now!

  2. It's interesting to hear him about being "in over your head" as a good thing! I think it's good for kids to hear how work will be challenging, but if it isn't, there is something wrong. He mentioned that he has to keep pushing himself, otherwise all of his work is affected. Kids need to learn to push themselves, but this is a hard skill to teach! Especially as teachers, we tend to want to help them. But often it is most helpful to let them do it themselves, even struggle. This helps them more than just doing it for the kids!

  3. great video! I, too, love feeling like I'm "in over my head" in a good way.


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