A Guest Post by Maris Wick

the human body with Maris Wicks’ wonderful new nonfiction graphic novel Human Body Theater!  Each
stop on the Human Body Theater blog
tour will feature an original illustration and some facts about one part of the
human body.  Follow along for the next two weeks to collect them
all!Fuse #8, 10/5SLJ Scope Notes, 10/6Sharp Reads, 10/7 The Roarbots, 10/8 Supernatural Snark, 10/9 The Busy Librarian, 10/12Watch Read Connect, 10/13 The Book Rat, 10/14Love is Not a
10/15Librarian’s Quest, 10/16 

What is the largest organ in your body? SKIN!  Well, okay, it’s kind of “on” rather than “in” your body, but it still counts as an organ, and what a fantastic organ it is!  Not only does it come in many different shades and colors, it is home to millions of nerves, capillaries and sweat glands! Nerves of the skin can sense pressure, temperature and pain, capillaries carry blood, and sweat glands help to cool the skin and get rid of wastes. On the surface, skin can have many little details: freckles, moles, scars, birthmarks, not to mention hair!  The human body is covered in approximately 5 million hairs. If you think of your body as an awesome present, skin is the wrapping paper!

Each stop on the Human Body Theater blog tour will feature an original illustration and some facts about one part of the human body.  
Fuse #8, 10/5
Sharp Reads, 10/7 
The Roarbots10/8 
The Book Rat10/14

Maris Wicks lives in Somerville, Massachusetts. She has harnessed the power of her various biological systems to draw comics for Adhouse Books, Tugboat Press, and Spongbob Comics, and written stories for Image and DC comics. Wicks is the illustrator of the New York Times bestselling Primates,w ith Jim Ottaviani. When she's not making comics, Wicks works with New England Aquarium. She's especially proud of her pulmonary system. 


  1. Super cute! A great way to learn about the body and collect a few fun facts. :)


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