Video of the Month: Taye Diggs Finishes Mr. Schu's Sentences

Molly Brouillette always comes up with the best ideas. 

1. She asked Nick Bruel to write letters to Winter,  Spring, Summer, and Fall

2. The No Phone Contest was her idea. I still have a package of Starburst to prove it. :)

3. I premiered The Pout-Pout Fish Goes To School song thanks to her. 

What's her latest idea? She recorded actor, singer, and author Taye Diggs finishing my sentences. "Mr. Schu, you should have asked me..." are seven words I never expected to hear coming out of Taye Diggs' mouth. Press play. I'm off to listen to Rent.*

Thank you, Molly and Taye! 

Mixed Me! by Taye Diggs; illustrated by Shane W. Evans | Feiwel & Friends 
Mom and Dad say I'm a blend of dark and light:
"We mixed you perfectly, and got you just right."
Mike has awesome hair. He has LOTS of energy! His parents love him. And Mike is a PERFECT blend of the two of them.
Still, Mike has to answer LOTS of questions about being mixed. And he does, with LOTS of energy and joy in this charming story about a day in the life of a mixed-race child.

*Taye Diggs appeared in the original Broadway cast and the film version of Rent


  1. What a gentleman. Saw him at Texas Book Festival.

  2. My favorite librarian meets my favorite movie star! How awesome is that!?!

  3. Funny, talented, and very smooth! This book would be a welcome addition to my school library and I bet it smells really good!


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