Cover Reveal for Little Elliot, Big Fun

The "Why Picture Books Matter" session at #NCTE15 ended 25 minutes ago. During the session, I had the honor of revealing the cover for Little Elliot, Big Fun.  W00t! w00t! 

I cannot wait to read Elliot's third book on October 4, 2016. 

Mike Curato finished my sentences when Little Elliot, Big City came out. I had fun re-reading his responses to my sentence starters, so maybe you will as well. I wrote the words in red, and Mike wrote the words in black .

Little, Elliot, Big City tells the story of friendship and perspective through the eyes of a little polka-dotted elephant with a great big heart.

The illustrations for Little, Elliot, Big City are the pieces of art that I always wanted to make. They are pencil drawings that I scan and color in Photoshop. For Little Elliot, I like working in a muted color palette to add to the nostalgia of the period.

Mike created this window display for Books of Wonder
Elliot’s apartment can be a bit challenging for him, since he’s so small. You’ll often find him climbing something. Elliot discovered a new purpose for his favorite books; when he’s not reading them, he’s usually climbing them.

Cupcakes are one of the five basic food groups...right? Regardless, they are the main staple of white polka-dotted elephants.

Picture books are my dream, and now my reality!

Reading is vital.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me where does Elliot live? Well, many people assume that he lives in Manhattan, but he actually lives in Brooklyn and commutes to Manhattan for his treats, just like me!


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