The Last Stop on the Lost. Found. Blog Tour

Marsha Diane Arnold: Hello, Mr. Schu. I am honored to finish your sentences. I know how it is to lose your train of thought in the middle of a sentence. Allow me to assist.

Mr. Schu: Hello, Marsha! Thank you for helping me out by writing the words in red! I hope you've had a fun week jumping from blog to blog.

Lost. Found. tells the story of a lost red scarf, a stoic Bear, and a bunch of mischievous animals. It seems like a simple story with just 18 words, but it’s about unraveling, understanding, and universes.

Matthew Cordell’s illustrations are scribbly brilliance.

If you find a red scarf use your imagination to decide how to use it. If it’s winter, you might wrap it around your neck. If it’s summer, you could spread it between two trees and use it for shade. Red scarves, like most things, have many uses.

School libraries are where students go to dig deep, learn lots, and play with words and ideas.

Picture books are the distillation of all the wisdom in the world.

Reading is something that makes us laugh, makes us cry, and makes us smart.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me what my favorite color is. It’s a very popular question at school visits. All right. I’ll tell you anyway. My favorite color is yellow. It’s the happiest color, you know. Though, I’m also partial to red.

More information about Lost. Found Bear loves his red scarf, but when he goes for a walk in the woods, the scarf becomes lost. The scarf is found by one animal after another, then lost again until...all the animals find the scarf at once! They all love that red scarf so much, they begin to fight over it, leaving the scarf unraveled and ruined. Bear comes upon the scene and sadly carries the yarn home with the animals helping. Will the scarf ever be whole again? Will the animals discover a way to share it, together?

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Marsha Diane Arnold is the award-winning author of books ranging from Heart of a Tiger to Quick, Quack, Quick to Roar of a Snore. Lost. Found., a Junior Library Guild Selection with two starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly and School Library Journal, is her twelfth book.


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