Video of the Week: Mercy Watson 10th Anniversary Celebration

"How else do I get inspired?  Other than reading books?  And you know what?  Reading books does give me a lot of inspiration.  So it's not like you get ideas from other books, but they feed you in a certain way, and they teach you how to look at the world. The rest of the inspiration comes from the world. And being in the world. And that thing about listening to people when they talk, sometimes eavesdropping, sometimes not, and just paying attention to everything in the world. Sometimes people go, 'Aren't you worried that you're going to run out of things to write about?'  And I always say, 'Have you been on a city bus recently?'  Because really, if you get on a bus, which I do sometimes with a notebook, just to ride around and listen to people and look at them, you see there is not enough time in the world to write all the stories that are out there. " -Kate DiCamillo 


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