April is School Library Month

The School Library Month planning committee has been busy getting putting together activities and promotional items to help us celebrate School Library Month. Megan McDonald is this year's spokesperson. She dropped by to chat with me about school libraries, school librarians, ants, reading, and Judy Moody. I wrote the words in purple, and she wrote the words in black. Thank you, Megan! 

April is spring. Robert Frost said, “Spring is the mischief in me.” When the mischief in me strikes, I take time off from writing deadlines, and head for the beach…with a book.

April is School Library Month! So grab a book and head for the great outdoors…to read!

I think school libraries and school librarians
shape lives.

The next time you visit a school library,
watch out for ants! (Keep reading. You’ll get it…)

My elementary school librarian saw something in me, and put the Little House books in my hand. She first introduced me to Ramona and the Moffats and Homer Price and Caddie Woodlawn. I fell in love with Blue Willow and Half Magic at my school library. She let me check out a biography of Virginia Dare so many times (I got to stamp the due date myself!), that she finally had to ask me to share with other readers.”

Judy Moody and Stink Moody love to read. Judy reads in her top bunk, Pippi-Longstocking style (feet on her pillow!) They read in the Toad Pee tent. Stink reads by flashlight at bedtime. Judy reads aloud to Mouse the cat.

Stink loves his factoids. He is trying to read the entire S volume of the encyclopedia. Skinks, skunks, sharks…

Judy Moody is speed-reading her way through all 56 classic Nancy Drew books. She loves a mystery. Get out the S.O. S. lipstick!

Reading is the best antidote for any mood. If you’re in a mood—a good mood, a bad mood, a sad mood, pick up a book and read.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me about the time the ants took over the school library!

I was very excited when the school librarian invited me to do a book display in the front window. It was early spring, so I decided to feature books about nature. I collected acorns and leaves for props, and brought in a log from the woods to make it look really authentic.

I didn’t know that there was a colony of ants living inside the log. It was so nice and cozy in the school library, that the (hundreds of) ants decided to come out and explore!

Please click here to learn more about School Library Month. Happy celebrating! 


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