Book Trailer Premiere: Horrible Bear! by Ame Dyckman and Zachariah OHora

Horrible Bear!

Hi, Ame Dyckman! Welcome back to Watch. Connect. Read. I am sooooo excited to share Horrible Bear’s book trailer with everyone.  

Ame Dyckman: HI, and THANKS SO MUCH, Mr. Schu! The whole HORRIBLE Team and I are THRILLED to be back on Watch. Connect. Read. and TURNING CARTWHEELS (OW! MY HEAD! Well, it was a good try!) that you’re premiering HORRIBLE BEAR!’s book trailer! The DigiWizards in Little, Brown’s Digital Marketing Department took Zach’s amazing, HILARIOUS art and made this amazing, HILARIOUS animated trailer! (I’m not sure they’re actually called “DigiWizards.” But, I HOPE SO! On their robes!) Our trailer makes me LAUGH every time I watch it!

What planted the seed for Horrible Bear!?

Ame Dyckman: HORRIBLE BEAR! is semi-autobiographical! Just like the girl in HORRIBLE BEAR, MY kite string went, *SNAP*! And just like the girl in HORRIBLE BEAR, MY brand-new super-cool kite sailed away! And just like the girl in HORRIBLE BEAR, I sometimes… BARGE IN AND MAKE A RUCKUS AND WAKE FOLKS UP AND—

Um, Mr. Schu? How much Real-Life-Life can a semi-autobiography be and still just be semi-?

How are you going to celebrate Horrible Bear’s book birthday on April 5?

Ame Dyckman: Zach and I get to read HORRIBLE BEAR to LOTS of kiddos! We’re school-and-library-visit-hopping throughout NYC and NJ on April 5th and 6th, launch partying at Books of Wonder April 9th (1:00 PM! Hope y’all can come! WE HAVE BEAR HEAD BEACHBALLS!), continuing the celebration at PowerHouse April 10th, visiting more schools and bookstores all throughout the month… it’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN!

How’s your cat and Willie the Squirrel these days?

Ame Dyckman: The Cat’s mischievous as ever! (Last night, I counted out 4,600 bookmarks and stickers for next week’s school visits, and she CANNONBALLED ALL MY PILES!) But Willie the Squirrel hasn’t come around lately. (We suspect he moved to Boca.) So I’m holding auditions for a new Wild Animal To Be My Friend as soon as I get back from TXLA! (I’m hoping for a capybara, even though they’re not allowed here in NJ. I’ll just tell our Township’s Fish & Wildlife Inspector he’s a Guinea pig with a glandular condition.)

Please finish these sentence starters:

One of my favorite spreads in HORRIBLE BEAR! features Bear stomping out of his cave at the same time the girl is stomping into her room. Zach created an incredible visual symmetry between these two otherwise very visually dissimilar characters, and it’s HYSTERICAL and BRILLIANT and shows there’s a little HORRIBLE BEAR! in everyone!

I think I’m a Lucky Little Author that I get to work with Zach and our Little, Brown team! I’ve learned SO much, had SUCH a good time, and always had someone to play, “What If…?” with! (I CAN’T WAIT for our future projects, too!)

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me if I purchased any new costumes for our HORRIBLE BEAR! events! (You should see Zach’s ENORMOUS red curly HORRIBLE BEAR! wig! It’s THREE FEET OF AWESOME!)

THANK YOU, MR. SCHU! We all think you’re WONDERFUL! 

And I think you are WONDERFUL! :) 

Horrible Bear!

Look for Horrible Bear! on April 5! 


  1. I love this trailer! And these characters kinda remind me of my kids. Or me and my siblings. Or something. Congratulations!

  2. I am so excited to see Ame and Zach collaborating on another project.

  3. These two are a fantastic duo. Looking forward to reading this one!


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