Videos of the Month: Kate DiCamillo Talks about Raymie Nightingale, Writing, School Libraries, and More

"She's very much an introvert. She's somebody who is always watching things." -Kate DiCamillo 

"Raymie is successful in ways she does not anticipate." -Kate DiCamillo 

"Raymie is just as ill-suited for a little miss contest as I was." -Kate DiCamillo 

"I keep on coming back to the same themes." -Kate DiCamillo 

"I feel like stories are a reflection of the world we live in." -Kate DiCamillo 

"I was preoccupied with my soul." -Kate DiCamillo 

"I hope that they feel hopeful. I hope that they feel reminded of the power of friendship." -Kate DiCamillo 

"It occupies a place in my heart. That library was open the whole time that school was open." -Kate DiCamillo 

Look or Raymie Nightingale on April 12, 2016. 


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