Book Trailer Premiere: This Is My Dollhouse by Giselle Potter

Giselle Potter stopped by to share a special message and This Is My Dollhouse's AWESOME book trailer. I think it will inspire people of all ages to build dollhouses from items found around the house and in the recycling bin. Thank you, Giselle! 

Watching my girls industrially roll bits of toilet paper between their fingers to make miniature popcorn or cut tinfoil mirrors for their dollhouse brought back a flood of memories of making doll houses from household objects. Bowls became bathtubs and swimming pools, cups were elevators, boxes with sponges and wash cloths were beds, the possibilities were endless. Cardboard boxes have been the most useful and fun for me and my kids. First, big refrigerator boxes were exciting houses and cars when the girls were smaller, then we started making doll houses from boxes. They love to make  cardboard laptop computers, smart phones and cameras. And a silver jewelry box (with a hole cut out and pictures glued in) makes an excellent TV.

This Is My Dollhouse came from both watching my daughters and my own memories of the endless entertainment of making miniature worlds with the ordinary objects from around the house. It is about how one girl’s handmade cardboard dollhouse is  far more fun than her friend’s ready-made, store-bought one.  How her mix matched family of toys has more personality and life than a perfectly matching plastic family. 

Mostly I hope This Is My Dollhouse inspires other people to make their own dollhouses, furniture and toys if they haven’t already and find the same joy in it that my family has had.  There is a simple diagram of how to make your own cardboard dollhouse on the inside of the book cover and I made a little movie about that too.

Borrow This Is My Dollhouse from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


  1. Oh, wow! I think everyone will love this book. Who doesn't love a dolls' house.

  2. This is so cute! Reminds me of the castle my kids made out of cardboard when they were bored one day. Fun!


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