Book Trailer Premiere: Snow White by Matt Phelan

Hi, Matt Phelan! 

Hi, Mr. Schu!

Thank you for dropping by to share Snow White's book trailer and chat about Samantha White and reading. 

You're welcome! Thank you! 

Snow White tells a story of greed, jealousy, lost hope, and evil… and how pure goodness can ultimately conquer all of those things.

Samantha White is an ordinary girl who has had tragedy in her life, but still believes that there is beauty in the world.

The Seven are homeless boys living in the shadows of the city. They are smart, brave, and loyal to each other, but they are also jaded and mistrustful of the world. Their names are a guarded secret.

Reading is dreaming while awake.

Look for Snow White on September 13, 2016. 


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