Hello, Shannon Hitchcock! 

Hello, Mr. Schu!

Thank you for dropping by to finish my sentences and share the trailer for #MGGetsReal. I look forward to following the hashtag and spreading the word. 

The trailer for #MGGetsReal showcases the books of our founding members. Books that deal with Alzheimer’s, Hiroshima, War Trauma, 9/11, and School Integration.

#MGGetsReal is a movement to highlight books that tackle a tough topic in a way appropriate for Middle Grade Readers.

I think Middle Grade is a time of discovery. Middle schoolers need to see themselves reflected in books. On the flip side, it’s a time to develop empathy for others whose ethnicity, religion, skin color, and sexual orientation are not the same as theirs. Middle Grade is a time of hope and possibility. Good MG literature reflects that.

The participating authors are:

Shannon Wiersbitzky
Kathleen Burkinshaw
Joyce Moyer Hostetter
Kerry O’Malley Cerra
Shannon Hitchcock

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me: What’s next for #MGGetsReal? Kathleen Burkinshaw will be writing for the NCTE blog on August 16th and hosting a giveaway of all five books. We’re also developing a comprehensive list of books that handle tough topics in a way appropriate for a middle grade audience. You can follow our activities on Twitter by searching #MGGetsReal. 


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