Monsters Go Night-Night Blog Tour

Hi, Aaron Zenz! Thank you for including Watch. Connect. Read. in your Monsters Go Night-Night blog tour. I hope you have a WONDERFUL week celebrating monsters. 

Thank you, Mr. Schu! 

I wrote the words in purple, and Aaron wrote the words in black. 

Monsters Go Night-Night is about the bedtime routine of seven little monsters!  Monsters brush their teeth, take baths, and put on pajamas just like you and I do.  BUT, when given the choice between using a toothbrush or an octopus… Monsters make a very different selection than we would.  The book is a fun, twisty guessing game, where wrong answers are the right ones.

I created the illustrations for Monsters Go Night-Night by raiding the brain of a five-year-old!  All the characters in the book are based off creatures my son Elijah drew years ago as a young’un.  His monsters were always super creative and wildly diverse.  If I were to draw a string of monsters off the top of my head, I would quickly run out of ideas and start repeating myself.  They would start looking like riffs off each other.  But if ten of Elijah’s monster pictures were lying around, it would look as if ten different kids had been in the house drawing!   I marvel at his ingenuity, and the book is part Fan Art of / Love Letter to his drawings.

Bedtime brings…
...the moon her kingdom
...a cricket his muse
...the stars their playground owl her breakfast
...a pillow his purpose
...dreams their liberation

Picture books are marvelous unions of word and art!  I have never, never, never understood why the world thinks that at a certain age people grow out of pictures.  Bah, I say.  Humans never stop being visual!  Art never stops being powerful, delightful!  But because we live in a world that believes pictures are for kids, children are the lucky ones, freely diving into this dance of text and images.  They have a whole industry creating these rich worlds for them.  But also lucky are we taller folk who have not forgotten the 32 pages of magic buried between picture book covers.

Reading is a gateway between worlds – real, imagined, past, present, future, or upside down.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me the meaning of life.  Oh well, there’s always next time…

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