Cover Reveal for Bubbles by Abby Cooper

I am so excited to share the cover for BUBBLES, my second middle grade novel. The cover is such a fantastic representation of the book and the thought bubbles twelve-year-old Sophie sees over people’s heads. While my first book, STICKS & STONES, had a large focus on the way we see ourselves, BUBBLES explores our relationships and perceptions of others and the ways they can change. It also explores what it means to take a risk. Sometimes, risk-taking involves exciting adventures, like riding a roller coaster or racing in a triathlon. Other times, it’s simply about being open and honest with the people you trust and remembering that no one can help you solve a problem unless they know what it is. I hope you love the cover of BUBBLES as much as I do!

Bubbles by Abby Cooper | Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) | Publication date: July 18, 2017

Twelve-year-old Sophie Mulvaney's world has been turned upside down after Mom loses her job at the TV station and breaks up with Pratik, who Sophie adored. Add to that the project at school that forces Sophie to take risks when she couldn't feel less adventurous and Viv Carlson trying to steal Sophie's best friends, and you would think that nothing else could possibly go wrong. But there's more: Sophie's also started seeing bubbles above people's heads that tell her what people are thinking. Seeing other people's thoughts should be cool, but it's actually just stressful--what does it mean that Pratik wishes she and mom were eating with him? What does Viv Carlson's risk project have to do with Sophie? And when she finds out through the thought bubbles that her best friend Kaya likes her other best friend, Rafael--the very same Rafael that Sophie has her own crush on--Sophie has to find a way to figure out how to deal with knowing more than she should.


  1. Thanks Mr. Schu and Abby! Loved Sticks And Stones so I cannot wait for this book!


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