Videos of the Month: Newbery, Caldecott, and Wilder Acceptance Speeches

"And sometimes when you grow up outside the reach of the American Dream, you’re in a better position to record the truth. That we don’t all operate under the same set of rules. That our stories aren’t all assigned the same value in the eyes of decision makers." -Matt de la Peña 

"Publishers, librarians, agents, educators, booksellers, writers, and illustrators, we are all connected by our love of books and the children who read them, and our profound belief in the power of stories to shape lives." -Sophie Blackall 

"In creating picture books, a new world opened up. The book itself became my muse—a vessel that could hold all of the joy and sadness of my growing-up years, all the triumphs and tragedies. By using my personal history, the work became more layered, the drawings more meaningful. Art became the bridge that carried me from the past I wanted to escape into the world I wanted to inhabit. My childhood was limited, but I learned that through my own creativity, the world was limitless." -Jerry Pinkney 


  1. Woah, that speech by Matt de la Pena. I didn't think anyone would ever come close to Kate DiCamillo's acceptance speech... but he sure did. Thanks for sharing it.


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