Book Trailer Premiere: Like Magic by Elaine Vickers

Hi, Elaine! Thank you for visiting Watch. Connect. Read. to premiere the book trailer for Like Magic

Elaine Vickers: Thank you for having me, Mr. Schu! I’m thrilled to be here to celebrate the launch of my first novel, Like Magic, and to premiere its book trailer.

I love the heading of this blog: Watch. Connect. Read. What a perfect mission. I know many readers of this blog are educators and parents and writers, and I’m all of those things too. But I’d like to take a moment to speak straight to the kids who might read this book, and I’m going to borrow those great words from the heading.

Watch. I hope you’ll watch the trailer and notice the three girls. Maybe one of them looks like you, or looks like somebody you’d want to be friends with. What would you do if you found a treasure box at your library? What do you do when you feel alone? As you watch this trailer, listen to the music. This song is hundreds of years old, and you’ll find out what it’s called and why it’s important to the story if you…

Read. I’d love to have you read this book, because I wrote it for you! There are funny parts and sad parts and a dash of maybe-magic. But most of all, I want you to read any book that makes you think or laugh or cry or learn. Any book that helps your heart or your mind grow. Because that’s exactly how you’ll…

Connect. With the people and places and beautiful world around you. With worlds beyond that. The girls in this story are searching for connection, and you might be too. Keep searching. Keep reaching. Because if you do, things really can turn out like magic.

One last thing about connection. As I talked about in my cover reveal on Nerdy Book Club, one of the themes of this book is the power of art to connect people. This trailer did exactly that. I wrote the script (with the help of wise friends.) The cover artist, Sara Not, supplied the original files of her gorgeous work. Kinsey Beckett and Alex Obering provided the graphic design. My talented videographer friend Mike Kelly pulled it all together. And my favorite part: my daughter Halle performed the voiceover. It’s unlikely team that spans age and expertise and even an ocean, but this trailer brought us all together. I’m so grateful for the result.

Elaine Vickers is the author of Like Magic (HarperCollins, October 2016) and loves writing middle grade and chapter books when she’s not teaching college chemistry or hanging out with her fabulous family. You can find her at on the web, @ElaineBVickers on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, or generally anywhere there are books and/or food for her consumption.

Borrow Like Magic from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


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