Cover Reveal for Back to School with Bigfoot

Hi, Samantha Berger! 

Hello, Mr. Schu!

Hi, Martha Brockenbrough! 

Hello, Mr. Schu! 

Thank you for stopping by to finish my sentences and reveal the cover for Back to School with Bigfoot. I hope you have an excellent week. 

Back to School with Bigfoot tells the story of what happens when an extra BIG guy, has an extra BIG panic attack about starting the new school year. It happens to all of us, even the biggest, hairiest and most famous.

The first day of school can be something you look forward to all summer, or something that haunts your days and nights. Some love it, some dread it, but Bigfoot freaks out about it.

Illustration Credit: Dave Pressler 

Martha Brockenbrough and I have matching Bigfoot sweaters, knee socks, and furry furry hats.

I think Dave Pressler’s illustrations are like Bigfoot himself – LEGENDARY. They’ve been known to make me smile, giggle, chortle, cackle, tittle, tee-hee, guffaw, HA-HA-HA, nyuk nyuk nyuk, snort, snicker and spit-take (sorry, computer screen!). What more could you ask for? 

Illustration Credit: Dave Pressler
Bigfoot is the hairy, worried animal inside all of us. He’s the one who sometimes has a hard time getting his shoes. The one who doesn’t just have bad hair days; he’s had a bad hair life (or so he thinks. No one else notices). He’s the one who always looks like a goof in pictures (or so he thinks). Bigfoot is the one who makes everything bigger—especially fun.

Miss Sierra Nevada’s class is everyone’s favorite, because Miss Sierra Nevada is everyone’s favorite teacher.  
Illustration Credit: Dave Pressler

Samantha Berger and I have seen bigfoot, the tooth fairy, Santa, and other legends. We would like to tell you all about them.

Dave Pressler’s illustrations are what happens when you stick lollipops in an outlet: sweet, hair-raising, electric fun. 

Look for Back to School with Bigfoot on June 27, 2017. 


  1. I have no doubt this book is going to be a hit. Looks fabulous.


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