A Guest Post by Eric Kahn Gale, Author of The Wizard's Dog

Eric Kahn Gale: Hi, Mr. Schu! It’s so exciting to have your help premiering The Wizard’s Dog book trailer!

Hi, Eric! Thank you for taking over my blog for the day. Happy belated book birthday to The Wizard's Dog! Congratulations! 

About 1/3 of the conversation between my wife and me is us talking in the voice of our adorable pooch, Bowser. (Most dog owning couples are like that, right?) 

Years ago, in our first apartment together, Bowser was especially fascinated by the door that connected our unit to the hallway. I would speak for him in this little British boy’s voice. He would go on about the wonders of The Magic Door and saw my wife and me as wizards who had the power to open the door and produce delicious food at will. 

It got me thinking that the dog of an actual wizard might have trouble distinguishing between standard human powers and real magic. It made me laugh and, as a life long dog lover, I’d always dreamed of writing a funny novel about the loyalty, humor, and beauty of dogs. 

I was bowled over when I first saw the cover art created by our illustrator Dave Phillips. It was funny, exciting, and epic and I wanted to see it move. I have a background in 2-D animation and whipped up a little animation test. It was so fun to do that I commissioned Dave to create five more pieces of full color illustration, and after a few months of intense work, I produced the book trailer you’re premiering today. 

This book has been my biggest labor of love, thank you so much for helping us launch with a bang!

Borrow The Wizard's Dog from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


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