Book Trailer Premiere: The Apprentice Witch by James Nicol

Hi, James Nicol! Happy Thursday! Thank you for dropping by to share the book trailer for The Apprentice Witch and to finish my sentences.  

James: Hey, Mr. Schu! Thank you for asking me along and for helping launch the very gorgeous book trailer for The Apprentice Witch. I’m very excited!

Before you watch the book trailer for The Apprentice Witch, throw away your pointy black hat, your long black cloak, stripy tights and cauldron, because this story is not about those types of witches. (You can hang on to your broom though—in fact, hang on for dear life!)   

Did you know Arianwyn isn’t a made-up name, though people often think it is. It’s a Welsh name and means ‘woman of silver’. My grandfather was from Wales and it must be a name I heard someone in the family use once, I think it must have lodged in the back of my mind and waited until it was needed. I love the way Welsh names sound so magical. 

If you visited Lull you would discover a beautiful, but very isolated, walled town (see pic!) in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a magical forest. It’s remote, hours from other towns, and as a result the locals can be a little un-trusting of newcomers.

(It looks a just like, Conwy, a town in Wales that I only visited and saw for the first time two months after The Apprentice Witch was released here in England. It was as if it had sprung out of my imagination!)

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Reading is a joy! It’s also an escape from the world for me. But it’s also something I struggled with as a young child. Our school reading schemes here in England (back in the 1980s) were far from inspiring and it wasn’t until I fell in love with The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith that I became an avid reader! 

School libraries are a place for children to explore, discover and wonder. Full of all different types of books, novels and short stories, classics and new writing, non-fiction and poetry. My school library was the place I knew held all the stories as a child, and part of what spurred me on to be a better reader so I could get my hands on all those stories!

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me if there will be more adventures from Arianwyn and co.! And the answer is YES! The second book, A Witch Alone comes out here in England next Spring and will be out in America sometime thereafter. All our old friends will be back, along with a host of new magical creatures and a secret mission to keep Arianwyn very busy indeed! 

Look for The Apprentice Witch on July 25, 2017. 


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