Book Trailer Premiere: Claudia & Moth by Jennifer Hansen Rolli

Hello, Jennifer Hansen Rolli! Happy Monday! Thank you for dropping by to celebrate Claudia & Moth’s adorable book trailer and to finish my sentences. 

Jennifer Hansen Rolli: Greetings Mr. Schu, I am over the moon to be here!

And I am over the moon you're here. :) 

The book trailer for Claudia & Moth was a family affair. When I realized my niece’s animation abilities, I told my still illustrations to pay her a visit and she will bring you to life! My son is finishing up his final year in school for sound production, so I was lucky to have him in my back pocket to handle everything you hear in this trailer. And that dear voice, is not a relative. Lorelei is a 4th grader who I knew would be up to the task! You would be happy to know her mom is a literary champion and 8th grade English teacher at my daughter’s school.

Claudia loves butterflies so much. If only she could keep one over the winter, they wouldn’t have to say goodbye. But she’s not allowed. What she doesn’t love so much is winter. She is a city kid, and I have to imagine, the winter months can get drab. Did you know that snow is trucked out of the city when there’s a blizzard? What’s left turns gray in a matter of hours. Winter takes an interesting turn for Claudia when she has to put on her awful scratchy sweater. She’s so happy to discover that a moth had nibbled it so beautifully! On seeing the moth flitter about her butterfly decorations…she gets a terrible idea, she knows it, but she follows through with it anyway. It’s never a good idea to mess with Mother Nature. Fortunately, the little moth helps her realize this, once and for all.

On November 7, 2018, I hope to have a drawer full of notes from kids I visited, telling me how they tried something new!

Picture books are like horoscopes, you can always find an angle which coincides with your own life.

Just One More tells the story of the many just one more’s a kid will entertain throughout a single day. Most are innocent, but the ones that teeter into the danger zone of overindulgence remind us that sometimes JUST ONE is enough…unless we’re talking bedtime stories and kisses.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me if the paintbox that Claudia received from her dad looked like the one my dad gave me when I was a kid. And the answer would be no. Mine was wooden and flat like a suitcase, whereas Claudia’s is tackle box style. Both are very professional in content, something a child would respect.

You also should have asked me about the surgeon who told the artist that he was going to take up painting when he retired. And she responded, “I’m going to take up medicine when I retire.”

Borrow Claudia & Moth from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


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