Book Trailer Premiere: The Backup Bunny by Abigail Rayner; illustrated by Greg Stones

Hello, Abigail Rayner! Happy Monday! Thank you for dropping by to share The Backup Bunny’s book trailer and to finish my sentences. I greatly appreciate it!

Abigal Rayner: Hello, Mr. Schu! I am thrilled to be here! I am a very big fan of the blog, and can’t quite believe it’s my turn! Thank you for having me and The Backup Bunny.

And I am thrilled you're here. Shall we get started? 

The Backup Bunny’s book trailer was created by my very talented brother Dan, who makes films and music for a living. Dan somehow makes everything look easy, (annoying when we were kids, but quite useful now!) I especially love the animated parts of the trailer, and the soundtrack. It’s really playful yet cozy, and gets to the heart of the story in a short space of time. I’m lucky that I have so many creative types in my life who are willing and able to support me.

I think Max sees his stuffed rabbits as real characters with human emotions. When Bunny is lost, Max is lost, too. He very quickly figures out that Fluffy is a backup, and NOT his beloved Bunny. His ears don’t feel right. Max knows this because he falls asleep every night rubbing the tips of Bunny’s ears. To Max, the appearance of a backup in no way solves his problem. Think about it—if you lost your dog, and someone gave you another one that looked almost exactly the same –would you be ok with that? Of course not! Like most little kids, Max is not only missing his special friend, he’s worried about him. Where could he be? Is he scared? Is he lonely? And worst of all: is someone else rubbing the tips of his ears?

Greg Stones’ illustrations capture the humor and warmth of my story. Looking at Bunny and Fluffy, you can almost feel how soft and floppy they are. Greg did a great job of making the bunnies come alive—just as they do in Max’s imagination. His depictions of Fluffy’s first day with Max—when he is repeatedly rejected in humiliating ways—will really make kids laugh.

School libraries are places where you can walk out with a bunch of books, and nobody even tries to stop you! There was no school library in my elementary school back in England. Just a corner with a carpet and a chair, and no librarian! Still, it felt like fairy dust and Christmas hung in the air around that little nook. Visiting and choosing a book, was my favorite part of the week.

Picture books are like finding a secret room in an old mansion. They are bright, magical worlds where kids (and adults) can forget about the rain outside, or laugh with a character who reminds them of themselves. They also have supernatural powers. If you pick one up and start reading, kids will be drawn to you like a magnet. So, if you don’t like kids, picture books are best avoided.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me if I had a backup story of my own. The answer is yes! But, I’ll warn you, it’s a sad tale! Panda was the best, and my favorite, and he wasn’t even THAT smelly! But my mum thought he was. She put him in the washing machine and…he came out in pieces! The backup my parents offered me was…NOTHING LIKE PANDA! I mean, it was like they didn’t even try! Unlike Max, I never took to the new guy, and who knows where he is now. Probably in prison.

Look for The Backup Bunny on March 6, 2018. 


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