Book Trailer Premiere: Rabbit & Possum by Dana Wulfekotte

Hi, Dana Wulfekotte! Thank you for dropping by to reveal the incredible book trailer for Rabbit & Possum.

Dana: Hi Mr. Schu, thank you so much for having me! After seeing so many great trailers on your blog, it’s very exciting to be here with my own.

Rabbit & Possum is my debut picture book and I can’t wait to finally share these characters with everyone.  It’s a story about friendship, determination, and overcoming your fears. It could also serve as a cautionary tale about climbing trees when you’re not very good at it.

Are you more like Rabbit or Possum?

Dana: I’m a little bit of both, but I’m probably more like Rabbit. I like to sleep as much as Possum does, but I’m about as clumsy as Rabbit. I’m also always in the mood for snacks.

What came first: the illustrations or the text?

Dana: The illustrations. The characters had been around for a while before I found a story for them. And the story changed a lot as I went through the revision process, but I always had a pretty good idea of who the characters were and what I wanted them to look like.

Please finish these sentence starters:

Cilla Lee-Jenkins is the funniest and most lovable character. I feel very lucky that I got to illustrate a middle grade book that that meant so much to me as an Asian American. And I can’t wait for the sequel to come out in March!

Picture books are an art form that can have a lasting impact on a child. Which is why it’s important to take our responsibility as writers and illustrators seriously, even when we make not-so-serious books.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me how I came up with the design for Rabbit. Her look is based on my real-life rabbit Chewy. Much like Rabbit, Chewy loves to eat and can be very silly.

Look for Rabbit & Possum on February 6, 2018. 


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