Book Trailer Premiere: I Don't Want to Go to Sleep by Dev Petty and Mike Boldt

Hello! Happy Thursday! I'm excited to welcome author Dev Petty back to Watch. Connect. Read. to celebrate the book trailer for I Don't Want to Go to Sleep. I predict the catchy song in the trailer will get stuck in your head for days. 

I wrote the words in purple, and Dev wrote the words in black. Thank you, Dev! 

I Don’t Want to Go to Sleep’s book trailer was a ton of fun to make and yet again my husband, Chris, came up with such a fun and silly song for it.  I'm lucky I have a fab musician in the house.  It's neat  to dive back into some graphics since I used to work in film.  When I work on a trailer, I always get a ton of story ideas (I don't know why this is), so I become really motivated to get the trailer done so I can get back  to writing.  There's just never enough time to do it all! 

Illustration Credit: Mike Boldt, from I Don't Want to Go to Sleep
Mike Boldt IS BRILLIANT!! He really is.  He has an amazing ability to convey character- from an exasperated frog collapsed on the floor, to total confidence.  I love that he takes risks with color, typography, and composition.  He's willing to make things be noticed, to pop off the page.  I can't imagine anyone one else being the illustrator for FROG. 

Mike is also just about the nicest person you'll ever meet, even though I haven't actually met him (other than on Skype).  When I go on school visits, I bring a picture of Mike in a fancy frame because kids always want to see who the FROG illustrator is and I'm thrilled to tell them about what makes Mike so awesome. It's funny that he's way up in the woods in Canada with moose and such roaming his backyard, and I'm down in California near San Francisco...Kidlit has the power to bring creative, wonderful people together across huge distances.  We are so lucky to get to do this job. 

On October 16, 2018, I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SLEEP will come out!  I'm very excited.  It's the fourth, and probably last, in the series, and certainly my favorite after I DON'T WANT TO BE A FROG.  It's silly and dry and a little weird.  In this book, FROG is so excited for winter fun and then discovers that frogs hibernate in winter so while everyone else is having a snowball fight, he'll be doing something much less fun.  Really, it's a story about expectations.  We all have things we get in our heads, where we can see a party, or an event, or our birthdays very clearly, but then it turns out it's not going to be that way.  Then we have to rearrange our idea of what we expect and how we feel about it.  Who better to help us through those moments than our friends, right?

School libraries are specifically for KIDS.  That's the absolute, best thing about them.  Kids have so many aspects of their lives they sometimes don't have control over...their food, their schedules, sometimes some serious problems.  But the library is somewhere kids get to make choices, about what they read, what book they check out, etc.  It's an early way we help kids learn to make decisions and to express themselves.

In a school library they can chase down ideas and interests, get help with projects, and find a quiet space.  Kids can be so busy and over-scheduled (I know mine are) and a school library is a place where they can just slow down. 

Finally, I think school libraries are amazing by their very existence.  It's a way a school and a district can convey to every parent and student and person in the city that books are worth setting aside space, expertise, time, money, and care.  And those tiny pencils...I really like those. 

Story is a language. In our lives we learn lots of languages...humor, kindness, persuasion, friendship.  Those languages help make sense of all the gazillions of separate, chaotic moments in our lives.  Story is a way we organize our experiences, make sense of what's around us, and give it meaning by framing it with a beginning and a middle and an end.  It's like scaffolding.

I read a great quote by John Irving recently.  It said: “Before you can write anything, you have to notice something.”  I think that's so, so true.  Stories are a way of remembering and giving meaning to the things we notice.  They honor our ideas and our time spent being open to ideas and to change and to experiences, both good ones and bad ones. 

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me to tell you some fun facts about me that might surprise people!

1.  I was on the Bay Bridge when it broke in the 1989 earthquake.

2.  I drove a bright blue Triumph Spitfire in high school.

3.  I have a corn snake named Boots. 

4.  I cry EVERY time I read Amos & Boris.  Every time. 

Look for I Don't Want to Go to Sleep on October 16, 2018. 


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