Book Trailer Premiere: Horse Meets Dog by Elliott Kalan and Tim Miller

Hi, Elliott Kalan,

Happy Friday! Thank you for taking over my blog today to share Horse Meets Dog's fantastic book trailer. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy reading!

-John Schu  

I’m very excited to be presenting the trailer for my first ever picture book, Horse Meets Dog. It’s about a Horse that meets a Dog. Really, the title tells the whole story. But don’t just read the title. Please read the entire book. I hope when you see the trailer, you’ll say, “That’s really funny.” And then that you follow that by saying, “Ha ha ha.” Well, not saying it, but making the sound of laughter. You know what I mean!

Horse Meets Dog is based on a true story…kind of. When my son, Sammy, was two years old, he saw a dog looking at a horse and thought it was hilarious. But he was too little to really explain why. It seemed funny to me if the dog, looking at the horse, assumed the horse was a really big dog. Of course it's possible whatever Sammy thought was much funnier. We’ll find out when he’s old enough to put out his own book.

I was very lucky to work with Tim Miller on Horse Meets Dog. I love how lively his figures are, how bright his colors, and how clearly Horse and Dog perform their emotions. His work looks simple, but only because it’s incredibly precise. Tim’s art so closely matches the way I imagined Horse and Dog that I think he may have a machine that can reach into my head and steal my dreams.

If I can tell you a pretentious secret, to me Horse Meets Dog is about those times when we make assumptions about other people, and talk rather than listen. Like Dog and Horse, it’s easy for us to make the mistake of thinking other people see the world exactly as we do, and that there’s only one right way to live. Horse and Dog would probably be a lot happier if they could just accept each other as they are. The same goes for people, too.

The most exciting thing to me about this book is that it will be read aloud. My wife is a children’s librarian, and the magic of reading a story aloud is cherished in our household. It’s also funnier when it’s spoken out loud. Don’t believe me? Just watch the trailer again!

Look for Horse Meets Dog on October 30, 2018. 


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