Cover Reveal: Owly: The Way Home by Andy Runton

Hello, Andy Runton! Thank you for visiting Watch. Connect. Read. to celebrate Owly: The Way Home! Owly is very familiar with me and my travel blog. Do you remember when I took Owly and Wormy on a road trip? 

Andy Runton: I do! That was the best! I remember seeing all the photos and followed along with your journey! 

I’m soooooo excited the Owly graphic novels are being updated and colored. Please tell us about this SUPER news!

Andy Runton: Ever since Scholastic started publishing graphic novels, I wanted to work with them. David Saylor at Graphix is incredible and has always been super supportive of my work, but we were never able to work together until now. We first were going to try a whole new project with Owly but decided the original stories were truly special. So we’ve polished them up, and we can’t wait to reintroduce Owly to a whole new generation of kids.

Please finish these sentence starters:

Owly and Wormy are the best of friends, and I am so happy to be able to spend a lot of time with them. Their relationship is the best and just being around them makes me incredibly happy.

I hope the Owly graphic novel series will help kids become kind and caring toward each other and to help those who are already that way to know that they aren’t alone. I also hope it will remind everyone that the natural world is full of beauty and wonder and that it’s worth protecting.

Did you know my first drawings of Owly were done for my mom? I would leave her little notes because I stayed up late in high school and, later, college. She started calling me her little night owl, and so I started drawing a little owl on every note who eventually became Owly.

School librarians are my heroes. Growing up, the library was always my second home, and I always loved learning new things. The librarians taught me the wonder and excitement that can be found in books.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me how we’ve changed the books for these new editions! The updated versions are a little different than the originals. The first thing you’ll notice is that the books are in color! But, the second thing you’ll notice is that many of the animals speak in words now.

But, it was very important to me that we preserve Owly’s special picture language. So, that’s how we treat it, as a language. Owly speaks in his own language, and the other animals can understand it and some can speak it, too! While still focusing on visual literacy, it also provides a wonderful lesson about not being afraid of other languages and realizing there are many ways to communicate. This also makes it easier for kids, librarians, teachers, and adults to read along with the stories.

Look for Owly: The Way Home on February 4, 2020. 


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