Mr. Pack Rat Really Wants That by Marcus Ewert and Kayla Stark

Hello, Marcus Ewert! Welcome to Watch. Connect. Read.! Thank you for dropping by to celebrate Mr. Pack Rat Really Wants That. It was such a fun surprise running into you at Dog Eared Books in San Francisco. I re-read Mr. Pack Rat Really Wants That during the flight home to Chicago. I kept thinking about how Mr. Pack Rat should appear on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I bet Mr. Pack Rat and Marie would have a wonderful conversation about what brings joy into our lives. Mr. Pack Rat reminds us to think about what makes us truly happy. I’m curious, what planted the seed for Mr. Pack Rat Really Wants That?

Marcus Ewert: Just like Mr. Pack Rat, I've spent most of my life acquiring too much STUFF. The older I got, the worse it became. My bedroom was overflowing with piles of basically junk - you couldn't
put your foot down on the floor anywhere, there was always at least a foot of junk you were stepping on. It was actually becoming dangerous to walk through. Well, over the years I tried everything I could think
of to de-clutter, but nothing worked.

Finally I remembered that I'm a *storyteller*, and that how I figure things out is through *stories*. I said to myself, "Turn that hoarder part of myself into a CHARACTER, and then see how HE works out his
problems." And I gotta say, it really did work!

Do you have a favorite spread in Mr. Pack Rat Really Wants That?

Marchus Ewert: Argh, don't ask me to choose just one! I love them all! I especially like any of the scenes where Mr. Pack Rat is being very dramatic - when he's scowling, or panicked, or full length on the ground sobbing.

I believe I mentioned that Mr. Pack Rat is based on me? Well, it's fun for me to see how overly dramatic I can be. I I find Mr. Pack Rat's overblown reactions to be really funny. And I think a lot of other people can relate to him, too! We all get so caught up in our own
likes and dislikes!

Please finish these sentence starters:

Kayla Stark's illustrations
are sheer perfection. I cannot imagine 
Mr. Pack Rat any other way but the way she's portrayed him. She gets SO MUCH EXPRESSION into his little face, it's mind-blowing. And all her spreads are soooo beautiful. It blows me away that this is her first ever kids' book! Say what?? How'd she get so good right from the get-go?

Picture books are an entire world, right on your lap! Think about it: in very few words, and a mere handful of pictures, a whole unique
world is presented - you get a specific setting, populated with a whole crew of characters, who all have different relationships with
each other, different wants and needs, and then events happen to them, and they themselves cause still other things to happen - an adventure
arises - and then, in less than 40 pages, everything is satisfactorily wrapped up, and put back to rest. It's a whole world, I tell you!

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me um, am I working on a Mr. Pack Rat sequel? Yes, yes I am! It's called Mr. PACK RAT NEEDS MORE TIME.
Our nutty little hero, Mr. Pack Rat, gets a magic clock, that allows him to stop time. Now he can finally do all the things he wants to do.
Well, let's just say that Mr. Pack Rat makes some not-super-great

Borrow Mr. Pack Rat Really Wants That from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


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