You Don't Want a Dragon! by Ame Dyckman and Liz Climo

Hello, Ame Dyckman!

Ame Dyckman: HOWDY, Mr. Schu! HOWDY, Watch. Connect. Read-ers! SUPER THRILLED to reveal the cover of You Don’t Want a Dragon! with you! (I’d be shouting, but I’m typing this from a computer at my library, as my home laptop got a little… melty. Dragons. Whatchagonnado?)

Hello, Liz Climo!

Liz Climo: Hi, John! Thanks for having me, and for sharing the cover of You Don’t Want a Dragon! I hope it gives everyone an idea of all the fun that’s waiting inside the book!

Thank you, Ame and Liz! I am SOOOOOOOO excited to share the cover for You Don’t Want a Dragon! As you’ve seen on Twitter, I have read and shared You Don’t Want a Unicorn! with approximately 75,000 people. I love it with my entire heart. I cannot wait to experience You Don’t Want a Dragon! with students. It is double super fun! 

Ame, when you finished writing You Don’t Want a Unicorn!, did you know you would write You Don’t Want a Dragon!

Ame Dyckman: THANKS SO MUCH for all the You Don’t Want a Unicorn! love, Mr. Schu! And to answer your question… NOPE! I didn’t know I was gonna write You Don’t Want a Dragon! But when so many of our kind-and-awesome readers asked how our Unicorn! protagonist was getting along with the dragon they acquired at the end of that book, I realized it was time for us to check in again! And I discovered… YOU DON’T WANT A DRAGON, either! (Trust me.)

Liz, what was the most fun part of working on You Don’t Want a Unicorn! and You Don’t Want a Dragon!? 

Liz Climo: Both of these books are SO much fun, and I had such a great time working on them! For Unicorn, the best part was just getting to illustrate this colorful, hilarious, zany world that Ame created. Most of my work before Unicorn had been comics with all-white backgrounds, so it was great to let loose a bit and just have some fun. I felt the same way while working on Dragon, although I think I may have had even more fun with this book—it turns out, I really love drawing dragons!

Ame, please finish the following sentence starters:

I hope You Don’t Want a Dragon! makes all our readers LAUGH as they see caring for a pet dragon is NIGH-IMPOSSIBLE, too! I hope our Big Picture message of getting the pet you CAN care for—not just the pet you WISH for—comes through, especially to our littlest readers. And I hope our readers and their families who are considering getting a pet will—as our protagonist eventually does—visit their local animal shelter/Pet Adoption Day! (Adopt, don’t… use a wishing fountain.)

Liz Climo’s illustrations
are HILARIOUS! Just like with You Don’t Want a Unicorn!, Liz captured the “OH, NO!” of Pet Chaos PERFECTLY! But now we have a DRAGON on our hands—and in the house! So, think (INSERT TV announcer voice): “Now with even MORE destruction!” 

Story is why we’re all HERE! EVERYBODY has story to tell. Even if you can’t write or draw, you can share your story with others, and then your story becomes part of humanity’s THE Story. Story is like soup: it’s better when everybody adds to it. (Especially a little cheese. HA!)

Liz, please finish the following sentence starters:

Ame Dyckman’s manuscript for You Don’t Want a Dragon! is a perfect follow-up for Unicorn! Ame really knows how to write a story that is fun for both the reader and the audience. I’ve had the pleasure of reading Unicorn to many kids at schools, bookstores, and at home (it’s one of my 6-year-old’s favorites!) and I’ve seen the response it gets - kids (and adults, ahem) really love the book, and it’s a joy to read out loud. You Don’t Want a Dragon has all of that whimsy and excitement, and more (including some fun surprise creatures at the end!) 

Mary-Kate Gaudet, Véronique Lefèvre Sweet, Bernadette Flinn, and Marisa Finkelstein were absolutely instrumental in helping bring this book to life. Before I worked in publishing, I just assumed the writer does the writing, the illustrator does the illustrating, and that was that! There is so much behind-the-scenes advising, organizing, and designing involved, and having great editors and a great production team makes all the difference! I feel so lucky to have had gotten to work with this amazing crew.

Story is inspiring. It inspires us to create, to learn, to feel, and to see outside our own circumstance and into something greater (and sometimes something magical!)

Look for You Don't Want a Dragon! on May 1, 2020. 


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