Seekers of the Wild Realm by Alexandra Ott

Hello, Alexandra Ott! Thank you for visiting Watch. Connect. Read. to share Cathleen McAllister’s eye-catching cover illustration and Heather Palisi’s cover design for Seekers of the Wild Realm

What are three things you want everyone to know about Seekers of the Wild Realm

Alexandra Ott: Thanks for having me, Mr. Schu! I’m so excited to be here to share this beautiful cover. Three things I’d like everyone to know about Seekers of the Wild Realm are:

1. The book is set on a beautiful island that contains the Wild Realm, where many different kinds of fantastical creatures live, including dragons, phoenixes, unicorns, and more! There’s so much to see and explore in the Realm, from waterfalls to volcanoes to glaciers, and all of it is home to incredible magical creatures.

2. The main character is a twelve-year-old girl named Bryn who dreams of becoming a Seeker. The Seekers are the only people in her village who are allowed to enter the Wild Realm in order to track down magical objects and care for the creatures that live there. Bryn knows she’d be perfect for the job, but there’s just one problem: only boys have ever become Seekers before.

3. To become a Seeker, Bryn will have to win a magic competition. She’s determined, but since she isn’t allowed to train with the boys, she has to come up with a new plan that involves teaming up with one of her rivals and caring for a baby dragon in secret.

Please finish the following sentence starters:

Bryn is fiercely ambitious! She knows she wants to become a Seeker, and she’s determined to make that dream come true, even when other people tell her it’s impossible. Not everything works out the way she plans, and there are a lot of obstacles thrown her way, but Bryn never loses sight of what she wants. She works hard, commits to her goals, and believes in herself.

Dragons are awesome! Bryn cares for a baby dragon named Lilja, who’s beautiful, majestic, magical . . . and completely obstinate. She’s too stubborn to listen to any of Bryn’s training, unless Bryn bribes her with her favorite food: bilberries!

Rules for Thieves and The Shadow Thieves are my previous books! Rules for Thieves is an adventure fantasy story about a twelve-year-old girl named Alli who escapes from an orphanage. But in the process of escaping, she’s cursed by dark magic that’s going to kill her unless she can get the cure. To do so, she teams up with a mysterious boy named Beck and tries to join a legendary band of thieves called the Thieves Guild. But when her plans go wrong, innocent people are put in danger, and Alli has to decide how much she can sacrifice in order to survive. The Shadow Thieves is the sequel and continues Alli’s story.

School libraries are magical places! I spent many hours in my middle school library as a child, and the books I discovered there were what inspired me to write stories of my own.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me if Seekers of the Wild Realm is part of a series! It’s the first book in the Wild Realm series, which will follow Bryn’s adventures with many magical creatures. I’m working on the second book right now and can’t wait to share it with readers! 

Look for Seekers of the Wild Realm on June 16, 2020. 

Alexandra Ott writes fiction for young readers, including her debut middle-grade fantasy novel Rules for Thieves and its sequel, The Shadow Thieves. She graduated from the University of Tulsa and is now a freelance editor. In her spare time, she plays the flute, eats a lot of chocolate, and reads just about everything. She currently lives in Oklahoma. Visit her online at


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