Top 20 Books of 2019: 5-1

Travis Jonker and I are counting down the top 20 books of 2019. Visit Mr. Jonker's blog to read our blurbs.

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Beverly, Right Here by Kate DiCamillo

"Raymie Nightingale is about the saving grace of friendship. Louisiana’s Way Home is about deciding who you are. And Beverly, Right Here is about acting on that knowledge of who you are. They are all stories of becoming, I think.” -Kate DiCamillo

Saturday by Oge Mora

"As a picture book maker, I am all about finding the magic present in everyday life. I want to explore the beauty of the small moments we all experience. A meal with a loved one, a day spent with friends, the impact of a kind word—I think as we zoom through our lives, we can underestimate the power of these moments. If my book inspires some reflection on the time we spend with those we love, that is great." -Oge Mora

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Small in the City by Sydney Smith

"It is a unique pleasure to read a picture book you think is going to be one thing and then turns out to be something different. Smith’s narrator deftly subverts expectations, keeping readers on their toes wondering where the story is heading." -Travis Jonker
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New Kid by Jerry Craft 

Jerry Craft discusses New Kid

Another by Christian Robinson 

Watch Another's book trailer. 


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