Arithmechicks Take Away: A Math Story by Ann Marie Stephens and Jia Liu

Hello! Happy Wednesday! Teacher and author Ann Marie Stephens dropped by to chat with me about Arithmechicks Take Away: A Math Story, Jia Liu's illustrations, math, picture books, and more. I wrote the words in purple, and she wrote the words in black. Thank you, Ann Marie! 

Arithmechicks Take Away: A Math Story is a book about a bunch of chicks solving subtraction problems, blended with bedtime mischief and a mouse. It’s a story that makes it acceptable to mix play and creativity with something that can be difficult for kids. 

Jia Liu’s illustrations bring personalities to my math-loving chicks. She makes them look happy, nervous, enthusiastic… everything that embodies readers. Her color choices remind me of the tastiest, most exotic tropical fruits I’ve ever eaten. Yum!

Math stresses me out! I’ve never been a big fan of the subject even though I was good at it in my early years. When I teach math to my students, I try to find ways to make it approachable, engaging, and fun.

Did you know Arithmechicks Add Up had a launch party with real, live chicks? Baby chicks were hard to find that time of year so I had teenagers. Imagine teenage chicks! They were surprisingly quiet but they did eat the whole time. 

Picture books are like airline tickets only cheaper! Pick one up and you’re off to the land of unicorns, ninja camp, or a place where an animal can write a love letter to the moon. Picture books come with a promise that you are going to feel something. They trigger emotions and keep us connected to one another.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me if I avoided bedtime when I was a kid, just like the Arithmechicks. Every night, Mr. Schu. Every. Single. Night. I’d stay up and talk to my stuffed animals, check in with my imaginary friend, and giggle with my sisters until I was the last kid awake. 

Look for Arithmechicks Take Away: A Math Story on August 11, 2020. 

Description from Boyds Mills Press: 

This playful picture book demonstrates key math concepts to children in a merry story featuring the Arithmechicks, ten math-loving chicks.

The Arithmechicks have invited their new friend Mouse for a sleepover. When Mama says it's time for bed, the clever chicks decide it's time to prolong the fun. Readers are invited to count and take away during everyone's favorite game of hide-and-seek--and to find Mouse, who hides in a different place in each illustration--until all settle down for bed in the warm, cozy conclusion. The book includes a helpful glossary that defines the eight arithmetic strategies the chicks use throughout, providing a playful introduction to essential math for young children and their caregivers.


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