Book Trailer Premiere: InvestiGators (Volume 1) by John Patrick Green

Hello, John Patrick Green! Welcome back to Watch. Connect. Read.! I loved when you visited in 2014 to celebrate Hippopotamister. You and Amy Krouse Rosenthal are the only visitors who illustrated their responses. So, so, so memorable! Speaking of memorable, the book trailer for InvestiGators (Volume 1) is AMAZING. Students are going to ask their teacher-librarians to play it again and again. 

John Patrick Green: Hi, Mr. Schu! Thanks for having me again. Hippo and Red Panda say “hi.” I apologize that Mango and Brash aren’t here to answer any questions in person—er, gator—but they’ve got their own questions that need answers, as it turns out. They’re off on a case interrogating suspects! 

I’m excited for everyone to see their book trailer! I hope it whets readers’ appetites for the kind of wacky hijinks Mango and Brash get up to in the book. Plus the theme song is pretty catchy! 

What a WONDERFUL book trailer! I love it so much! What are four things you want everyone to know about Mango and Brash? 

John Patrick Green: For starters, Mango is the blue-green gator with a round jaw, and Brash is the yellow-green gator with a square jaw. Mango has only recently been made Brash’s partner, who’s a seasoned senior agent. Mango is fond of trains, and Brash likes to follow protocol. They’ve both gotten on each other’s nerves, but their different personalities and ways of thinking come in handy when solving mysteries together. And despite (or even in part due to) those differences, they’ve become pretty close friends. 

Please finish the following sentence starters: 

I hope InvestiGators is as much fun to read as it was for me to make. I started creating my own comics when I was around 11 years old, and though I’ve pretty much been working in the comics biz one way or another my whole life, making InvestiGators has come closest to recapturing the same feeling I had when I was drawing comics as a kid. 

On February 25, 2020, InvestiGators will be available wherever books are sold, and I’ll be on my first book tour! For my other books, I’ve mostly done events nearby, and not back-to-back. But this time I’ll be flying to a new city every day for almost two whole weeks, so I’m excited but also bracing myself to be exhausted from air travel. Doing events at schools and libraries is one of the most fun parts about making books, though, because I get to see in person how much kids enjoy them. 

Graphic novels are my favorite way to tell a story. For me it just doesn’t get better than creating a narrative by combining words and pictures. And I think it’s only fairly recently that people are coming to realize the full potential the comics format has. Many still think they’re a genre, but that’s not the case at all. I’m mostly glad that, generally speaking, there isn’t as much of a stigma to comics as there used to be. 

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me about pizza. I don’t post much on social media, but my Instagram is probably 90% pictures of all the pizzas I make. My roommate keeps a sourdough starter, so we bake a lot of bread and also a lot of pizza dough. I take pictures of them because a pizza’s lifespan in this world is fleeting. It’s almost sad, if you think about it. Those poor, delicious pizzas, destined to exist for about twenty minutes until they’re devoured. But their memories will last forever! And now I’m hungry. See what you did? Why’d you have to ask me about pizza?

John Patrick Green is a human with the human job of making books about animals with human jobs, such as Hippopotamister, Kitten Construction Company, and InvestiGators. John is definitely not just a bunch of animals wearing a human suit pretending to have a human job. He is also the artist and co-creator of the graphic novel series Teen Boat!, with writer Dave Roman. John lives in Brooklyn in an apartment that doesn't allow animals other than the ones living in his head.

Look for InvestiGators (Volume 1) on February 25, 2020.

First Second's Description: Meet the InvestiGators. With their gadgets, know-how, and super-fast transportation system (they flush themselves down toilets to speed through the sewers!), Mango and Brash are the scourge of the super-villain landscape! As vest-wearing employees of the Special Undercover Investigation Teams, they solve all kinds of mysteries and frequently butt heads with their archnemesis: a former agent known as Crackerdile.

Riddled with puns, potty humor, absurdism, and hilarious twists, InvestiGators is the perfect series for Dog Man fans looking for their next great read! It's kid-friendly comics at their best.

Look for InvestiGators:Take the Plunge on October 20, 2020.

First Second's Description: Sewer-loving secret agents Mango and Brash are plunged into a new mystery—and a BIG mess—in this hilarious adventure perfect for fans of Dog Man!

S.U.I.T. headquarters is under attack, and Mango and Brash are going undercover and underground disguised as city sewer workers to unclog a sticky situation. But when their search for the criminal Crackerdile backfires, the toilets they travel through back up—and the InvestiGators take the blame for it! Can Mango and Brash restore their good name and put the real culprit behind bars before the whole city is in deep water?


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