Book Trailer Premiere: A Book for Escargot by Dashka Slater and Sydney Hanson

Happy Tuesday! Dashka Slater and Sydney Hanson stopped by to celebrate A Book for Escargot's book birthday and book trailer! I wrote the words in purple, Dashka wrote the words in black, and Sydney wrote the words in orange. THANK YOU, Dashka and Sydney! 

A Book for Escargot's book trailer asks the viewer to help Escargot with a pressing problem — he can’t find a library book about a dashing snail hero who saves the day! Quelle horreur!

Sydney Hanson’s illustrations are straight-up adorable. Escargot feels she did an excellent job of capturing his joie-de-vivre and his je-ne-sais-quoi and also his beautiful shell, neck and tentacles. No snail has ever been cuter!

Reading is the only way I know to live the lives of other people, travel to magical places, battle terrible monsters, and form a deep and lasting friendship with an extraordinarily handsome French snail. All without getting dirty or needing a passport. 

I hope A Book for Escargot inspires kids to write books of their own — and to be the heroes of their own narratives. I also hope it inspires them to try some new foods, like a string bean, a souffle, or a ratatouille!

Illustration Credit: Sydney Hanson
Escargot is my favorite animal to draw. Especially his shiny shell and beautiful tentacles.

Picture books are very fun to make. All you need is pencils, paint and an idea. It is also good to have a beautiful French snail to help.

I hope A Book for Escargot makes you laugh and smile! Perhaps he will give you an idea for your very own book.

Borrow A Book for Escargot from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.

In this standalone sequel to Escargot, written by award-winning author Dashka Slater, we follow a funny and charming French snail through a library to find the book of his dreams.

It is moi, Escargot, your favorite French snail.
Today I am going on a trip to the library, where there are so many stories to choose from!
Stories about dog superheroes . . .
guinea pig detectives . . .
and flamingo astronauts.

But sadly, none of these books is about a daring snail hero who saves the day. What is that you say? Perhaps this is the book about the snail hero? Ooh là là!


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