Bubble Kisses by Vanessa Williams and Tara Nicole Whitaker

Hello, Vanessa Williams! Hello, Tara Nicole Whitaker! A HUGE thank-you to both of you for stopping by Watch. Connect. Read. to share the INCREDIBLE book trailer for Bubble Kisses. “But here’s the reason I really love her. She gives me bubble kisses, bubble kisses as she swims by in the water. She never misses with her bubble kisses," has been running through my head for two days. I love it! :)

Vanessa, what are three things everyone should know about Bubble Kisses before they watch the book trailer?

1. Pets are our favorites - especially goldfish.

2. Turning into a mermaid at nighttime to go on an adventure under the sea is thrilling.

3. Features a catchy tune that is a toe-tapper.

Tara, what was the most fun part of working on Bubble Kisses?

I really loved illustrating the moment when the characters realize they are surrounded by magic and meet their new underwater friends.

Vanessa, please finish the following sentence starters: 

Tara Nicole Whitaker’s illustrations are cheerful, colorful and animated. You can feel the sway of the mermaids tail and feel the instruments playing along just by looking at her creative world she created.

Sal the goldfish has magical powers. Not only is she adorable in her bowl during the daytime, but at night she takes you on adventures under the sea.

School libraries are essential to every child’s learning. It’s a place of discovery, research and a wonderful, quiet place to get lost in a book and travel to another dimension.

Tara, please finish the following sentence starters: 

Bubble Kisses is a fun-filled musical adventure!

Drawing mermaids is one of my favorites subjects to draw, ever since I was a kid.

Picture books are the doorways to a world of imagination, wonder, and fun!

Look for Bubble Kisses on June 23, 2020.

A young girl adores her goldfish, Sal. But Sal is no ordinary pet: while she can’t fetch a ball or curl up on a lap, she can give bubble kisses that transform the girl into a mermaid and transport her to a world of underwater adventures. There, beneath the sea, they play, sing, and dance with other mermaids. The catchy, breezy, rhymed tale is perfect for bedtime, and the book includes a CD plus a link to a digital download.

Vanessa Williams is one of the most respected and multifaceted performers in the entertainment industry today.

Having sold millions of records worldwide, Vanessa has also achieved numerous #1 and Top 10 hits on various Billboard Album and Singles charts: Pop, Dance, R&B, Adult Contemporary, Holiday, Latin, Gospel, and Jazz.

A graduate of Syracuse University, Vanessa is a strong advocate for equal rights, especially concerning the gay community and minorities. She was honored with the Human Rights Campaign “Ally for Equality” Award for her humanitarian contributions. Vanessa also achieved a career pinnacle with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007.

Vanessa’s autobiography, You Have No Idea, cowritten with her mother Helen Williams, was a New York Times Best Seller in 2012. Her recent Broadway credits include costarring with Cicely Tyson in The Trip to Bountiful, (the #1 play of the 2013 season), After Midnight (2014), and a special limited engagement in Hey, Look Me Over at New York City Center in 2018.

Vanessa is the mother of four—Melanie, Jillian, Devin and Sasha. Her charitable endeavors are many and varied, embracing and supporting such organizations as Concerts for America, the Special Olympics, and several others.

Vanessa is one of the world’s most accomplished concert artists, appearing regularly with the most prestigious symphony orchestras in the world, most recently with the National Symphony Orchestra at The Kennedy Center.

Tara Nicole Whitaker’s education in art began early, from classes at Pratt in her youth to more formal training at RISD and California Institute of the Arts. She has designed for Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Fox Animation, PBS, CBS, Cartoon Network, and Disney. She lives in Burbank, CA.


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