Where We Used to Roam by Jenn Bishop

Hello, Jenn Bishop! Welcome back to Watch. Connect. Read. Thank you so much for dropping by to share the cover for your forthcoming middle-grade novel, Where We Used to Roam

Jenn Bishop: Thanks so much for having me, Mr. Schu! I’m delighted to share the cover of my next middle grade novel, Where We Used to Roam (Aladdin/Simon & Schuster).

Please tell us about Ji-Hyuk Kim's gorgeous cover illustration for Where We Used to Roam

Jenn Bishop: For every book I write, there's a shorthand I use while drafting, and for so long this book was called my buffy book—“buffy” in this case being short for buffalo. Like Emma, the protagonist in Where We Used to Roam, I once spent a remarkable summer in Wyoming and became obsessed with bison after seeing them graze along the highway. The beautiful cover illustration captures the Wyoming landscape in all its majesty, buffaloes included, and was illustrated by Ji-Hyuk Kim. The jacket was designed by Tara Iandiorio. I can’t wait for next spring when readers can visit Wyoming alongside Emma. 

Thank you, Jenn! 

Look for Where We Used to Roam on March 23, 2021.

Publisher description:

Sixth grade is starting and Emma O’Malley is ready for a change. She’s used to being in the shadows of her popular older brother, Austin, and she’s had the same best friend, Becca, as long as she can remember. At first the changes are exciting. She makes two new friends in Kennedy and Lucy, a couple of transfer students who totally get her and her love of art. Emma feels bad about spending less time with Becca, but it’s not her fault she and Becca have different interests lately.

But when her brother is injured during a football game, things start changing for the worse. Austin hasn’t been acting like himself ever since his surgery and things with Becca have gotten more than a little awkward. By the end of the school year, everything blows up. When Emma’s parents send her to stay with family friends in Wyoming for the summer, getting away from it all doesn’t sound so bad.

In Wyoming she meets Tyler, who has his own secrets. Tyler doesn’t judge her—but then again, he doesn’t know the whole story. Emma is determined to make everything right again by the end of the summer, but is it really possible to go back to how things used to be?


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