DJ Funkyfoot: Butler for Hire! by Tom Angleberger and illustrated by Heather Fox

Happy, happy Friday! Today is my birthday, and I am celebrating it with Tom Angleberger and Heather Fox. They stopped by to discuss DJ Funkyfoot, ShrubBaby, Inspector Flytrap, and more. I wrote the words in purple, Tom wrote the words in black, and Heather wrote the words in green. Thank you, Tom and Heather! 

DJ Funkyfoot: Butler for Hire! tells the story of a young chihuahua whose parents have big dreams for him. They want him to become a hip-hop star, which is why the named him DJ MC Funkyfoot. That way he could either become a DJ or a rapper! But he doesn’t want to be either of those things. He wants to be a butler.

Unfortunately, his employer doesn’t want a butler either. They want a nanny for their adorable, chaos-craving baby shrub, ShrubBaby.

Heather Fox’s illustrations make it all make sense, somehow. It’s a cute but chaotic world where anything can happen and Heather handled every crazy scene I could up with and made it look easy! Maybe for the next book, I need to ask for even crazier stuff!

ShrubBaby isn’t bad, just full of bad ideas that all seem to end in DJ FunkyFoot getting slimed.

Inspector Flytrap and Didi Dodo make appearances in Funkyfoot’s books, just as he made appearances in their books. The Flytrap Files is full of talking animals, talking plants and general mayhem. It’s been a blast building this universe with Cece, Jared and, now, Heather!

DJ Funkyfoot: Butler for Hire!’s cover illustration is super cheery and bright, just like the manuscript! The idea for the cover came to me pretty quickly. I wanted to both show the personalities of the characters and give some insight as to what’s in store for the readers in the pages ahead! In some previous sketches, the spotlight was on both characters. But after more thought...the spotlight is most definitely on ShrubBaby!

Tom Angleberger’s manuscript for DJ FunkyFoot: Butler for Hire! is a total hoot! The book is filled with so much wit and humor- it’s an honor that I get to help bring it to life even more!

DJ Funkyfoot is the cutest, most patient, MOST dedicated butler that ever existed. 

On March 30, 2021, you’ll be able to pick up a copy of this book and dive even deeper into the realm of Inspector Flytrap through the perspective of DJ Funkyfoot! I’m already counting down the days!

Amulet Books' Description: You’d think from his name that DJ Funkyfoot was a rad hip-hop star, but that’s just the name his parents gave him. DJ Funkyfoot is actually a dog who’s always dreamed of being a butler! He’s the butler-iest butler to have ever buttled, but finding a butler gig is hard these days! So DJ Funkyfoot takes on a job that’s almost like being a butler . . . He becomes a nanny for a baby—and not just any baby: ShrubBaby, an adorable baby shrub. ShrubBaby may seem cute and cuddly, but she’s got a taste for chaos, thrills, fertilizer, and fame! While a nanny might say “no” to this baby’s whims, a good butler says “yes.” So DJ Funkyfoot says “yes” to every single thing ShrubBaby wants to do. When adventure calls, ShrubBaby says, “Let’s go!” and DJ Funkyfoot says, “Very good, m’lady, I’ll fetch your stroller.” The books will take place in the same world as Inspector Flytrap and Didi Dodo, Future Spy, but do not require knowledge of the world.


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