Goldilocks and The Three Engineers by Sue Fliess and Petros Bouloubasis

Happy Wednesday! During the summer, I teach a children's literature course for Rutgers University. Sue Fliess and Petro Bouloubasis' The Princess and the Petri DishMary Had a Little Lab, and Little Red Rhyming Hood resonated with my students this summer. I'm excited to add Goldilocks and The Three Engineers to the syllabus next summer. Sue stopped by to chat with me about it today. I wrote the words in purple, and she wrote the words in black. Thank you, Sue! 

Goldilocks and The Three Engineers tells the story of Goldilocks, an innovative engineer who lives in her makerspace where she invents gadgets and widgets and helpful devices all day long. That is until one afternoon, when she suffers from inventor’s block and takes a walk to find inspiration. While she’s out, three bears, who happen to have a penchant for inventing themselves, come upon her cabin. Seeing no one home, they take a peek inside, only to be wowed by her contraptions. But these three bear engineers just can’t help themselves! They jump right in to tweak and improve her existing inventions. It gets late and they figure there’d be no harm in staying for just one night…then Goldilocks returns. 

Petros Bouloubasis has done it again! The details he adds and the character he gives Goldilocks and the bears is something at which to marvel. There is so much to take in with his illustrations and he injects a sense of humor that goes well beyond the text. I love his quirky art style so much and only hope that I can come up with another book idea so we can continue to work together.

Goldilocks is a brilliant, inclusive, forgiving engineer and a total team player. My hope is that all kids relate to her and strive to be whatever they wish to be. I can’t wait for you to meet her!

The Princess and the Petri Dish, Mary Had a Little Lab, and Little Red Rhyming Hood are all part of this STEM/STEAM series of books with Albert Whitman & Co., and Goldilocks is the newest addition. Petros has illustrated them all and raises his game with each one. I’m still finding details in the illustrations that I didn’t notice before. I hope you’ll check them all out.

Story is not just the text and the illustrations, but the conversations they start. I’m hoping this book starts conversations about how girls—and kids in general—can grow up to be engineers and inventors too, and encourage them to do so knowing they don’t have to do it alone. There are so many people (Like you! Like me!) who support them and want to see them succeed, that they’ll be lifted towards their goals by others and one day have their own amazing stories to tell.

Look for Goldilocks and The Three Engineers on April 1, 2021. 

Sue Fliess is the author of numerous children's books including From Here to There, Little Red Rhyming Hood, and Mary Had a Little Lab. She's written for Walt Disney and her books have been used in school and museum programs. Sue lives with her family and a Lab named Charlie in Northern Virginia.

Petros Bouloubasis graduated from the Graphic Design Institute of Athens. His work is published and exhibited in Greece, Spain, Japan, Iran, Australia, France, Korea, Belgium and Turkey. He is also the illustrator of Mary Had a Little Lab, Little Red Rhyming Hood, and The Princess and the Petri Dish. He lives in Athens, Greece.


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