Legend of the Realm by Alexandra Ott

Happy Thursday! I am excited to welcome back Alexandra Ott to Watch. Connect. Read. to share Cathleen McAllister's eye-catching illustration for Legend of the Realm, the second book in the Seekers of the Wild Realm series. I chatted with Alexandra about the first book in the series HERE. Congratulations, Alexandra!

Cover illustrator: Cathleen McAllister

Cover designer: Heather Palisi

Alexandra Ott: I’m so excited to share this gorgeous cover! The colors are absolutely stunning, and I love the way the illustrator has captured the sunlight on the water. My favorite detail is the way the colors are reflected in the dragon’s scales and along her wings; it really showcases the pearlescent look of the scales described in the book!

I also love seeing both Bryn and Ari in action on this cover.
Legend of the Realm is an adventure story, and it’s also a story about teamwork—our main character Bryn really has to learn how to how to work as part of a team while also asserting herself and being confident in her ideas. Bryn and Ari learn how to navigate the new layers in their relationship all while exploring the Realm together, facing tough challenges, and flying dragons, of course!

There’s so much more to love about this cover. If you look closely in the trees, you can spot the little baby bird, which is a special magical creature called a gyrpuff. Bryn rescues one that she names Little Puff during the story, and I’m so glad he got to be featured here as well.

The best part is that there’s even more cuteness on the back cover! If you look at the back of the jacket, you’ll see a bigger illustration of Little Puff as well as a baby dragon and an icefox. They’re absolutely adorable, and I wish I could have them all!

Look for Legend of the Realm on June 15, 2021. 

Simon & Schuster's Description:

After finally realizing her dream of becoming a Seeker, Bryn is ready for her first official challenge. And she can’t wait to face it with her good friend and fellow new Seeker, Ari, by her side.

When an ancient threat to the Realm emerges—a plague that threatens to destroy everything that she and the rest of the Council have sworn to protect—Bryn swears she will find a cure.

But when Bryn tries to voice her ideas on how to best handle things, the other Seekers turn against her—including Ari. As the plague jeopardizes the Realm, Bryn realizes she must put the fate of the Realm into her own hands, taking huge risks in the process. And when those risks endanger their beloved dragon, Lilja, Bryn must face some tough choices. 

Can Bryn figure out how to rescue herself, her friends, and the entire Realm from an unimaginable fate?

Photo Credit: D. Young

Alexandra Ott writes fiction for young readers, including the Seekers of the Wild Realm series and the Rules for Thieves series. She graduated from the University of Tulsa and is now a freelance editor. In her spare time, she eats a lot of chocolate and reads just about everything. She currently lives in Oklahoma with her tiny canine overlord. Visit her online at 


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