Book Trailer Premiere: Peace / Paz / Frieden by Baptiste Paul, Miranda Paul, and Estelí Meza

We could all use a bit of peace and calm in our chaotic, divisive world right about now. Thanks to Baptiste and Miranda Paul’s newest collaboration, a picture book titled Peace, we can offer our children a lyrical and reflective balm for the soul. Here’s what they had to say about their newest tile, releasing on March 2, 2021:

Our book, Peace, is the result of intersectionality in our lives, so we’re glad to see it releasing in three languages (English, Spanish, German). We both grew up hearing the word “peace” in songs, stories, or sayings from our elders. During our childhoods, we each enjoyed moments of great peace, but we also endured the breakdown or shattering of that peace. As we grew up, we both navigated toward being initiators, implementing small and big ideas to solve a problem, restore relationships, or work for justice.

Our hope is that this book offers children a comforting road map when they feel unsettled. Peace is not a concept too big or complex for young minds to think about. We encourage readers to look for signs of peace in any setting. Peace can be a choice. Small acts can bring a sense of calm, and lead us toward a better world.

We recognize that the conversations sparked by our book will be different in every household. Readers will bring their own experience to our gentle treatise of this philosophical subject. Estelí Meza’s soothing art encourages imagination, too. Her images create a dream-like harmony with animals and our planet. And while Peace appears incredibly simple on a first read, we encourage repeat views to discover how the art and the text beg for reflection and how thoughts can grow and evolve, sparking action.”

And now, click to watch the book trailer video for Peace (y Paz):

Thank you, Baptiste and Miranda!

Miranda Paul is the award-winning author of more than a dozen books for children, including Little Libraries, Big Heroes, illustrated by John Parra. She is a founding member of the organization We Need Diverse Books, and lives with her family in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Baptiste Paul is a children’s picture book author. His first book for NorthSouth, The Field, received 3 starred reviews and won the Sonia Lynn Sadler Award, was a Junior Library Guild selection, and also appeared on the Horn Book Fanfare Best of 2018, the School Library Journal Best of 2018, and the CCBC 2018 Choices lists. Baptiste loves sports, likes to roast his own coffee, and grills. He lives in Wisconsin with his family.

Estelí Meza grew up surrounded by books, and her love for illustration began when she attended la Feria del Libro Infantil y Juvenil with her father. In 2018, Estelí was awarded A la Orilla del Viento, the premier picture book award in Mexico. Finding Home is her author-illustrator debut in the United States, published by Scholastic. She has also illustrated books published in Mexico, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates. Estelí spends her days drawing in her neighborhood in Mexico City and is always happiest with her notebook and pencil, and a chocolate pastry and cafecito. Visit her at

Peace is on purpose. Peace is a choice. Peace lets the smallest of us have a voice.

From a hello and pronouncing your friend’s name correctly to giving more than you take and saying I’m sorry, this simple concept book explores definitions of peace and actions small and big that foster it.


By Baptiste Paul & Miranda Paul

Art by Estelí Meza

ISBN: 978-0735844490


por Baptiste Paul y Miranda Paul

illustrado por Estelí Meza

Traducción de Aida Salazar

ISBN: 978-0735844551


(available in Germany via Nord-Sued Verlag)

ISBN: 978-3-314-10565-4


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