Book Trailer Premiere: Fadeaway by E.B. Vickers

Happy Friday! I'm excited to turn over Watch. Connect. Read. to E.B. Vickers to share the book trailer for Fadeaway. Thank you! 

E.B. Vickers: I’m thrilled to be here today to introduce the trailer for Fadeaway. This book is a first for me in a lot of ways: first YA, first suspense/mystery, first time writing in verse, first time genuinely not knowing what the ending would be as I wrote.

And speaking of firsts, the words you’ll hear in this trailer are some of the first lines of the book, spoken by Kolt, a basketball player whose best friend Jake has just gone missing. But Fadeaway isn’t just Kolt’s story, nor is it Jake’s. It’s also the story of the little brother, the girlfriend, the rival, the coach, the mother. A story with narrators ranging in age from 11 to 85. A story, as my friend Conrad Wesselhoeft so wisely said when I was beginning the book, of “the cross-pollination of wisdom across the generations.”

Because that’s how life is. A continual cross-pollination of wisdom—and pain, and struggle, and striving. But also, and always, love.

When School Library Journal described the book as both “compelling” and “compassionate”, I nearly stood up and cheered. Because as much as I hope those who watch the trailer will be intrigued and that the story itself will compel readers to keep turning the pages, my ultimate hope is that readers will connect with the soul of the book. That what they’ll take from this story will go deeper than the thrill of suspense to “the beating, bleeding heart inside” and the incredible power within each of us to become. To overcome. To have compassion for one another and recognize that we are truly all in it together.

So to all the readers out there, but especially young people in the midst of an unprecedented present and an uncertain future: I see you. I believe in you. You matter.

This one’s for you.

Elaine/E.B. Vickers grew up in a small town in the Utah desert, where she spent her time reading, playing basketball, and exploring. Several years and one PhD later, she found her way back to her hometown, where she now spends her time writing, teaching college chemistry, and exploring with her husband and three kids. She is the author of middle grade novels 
Like Magic and Paper Chains and the forthcoming picture books Thankful and How to Make a Memory. Fadeaway is her first novel for young adults.

The official trailer for Fadeaway was created by talented 13-year-old filmmaker Halle Vickers—who also happens to be the author’s daughter. Huge thanks to Max Cannon for his outstanding voice work, to Matt Hamlin for his generous usage of basketball footage, and to Neil Swaab for an incredible cover design.


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