Book Trailer Premiere: Bloop by Tara Lazar and Mike Boldt

Hello, Tara Lazar! Welcome back to Watch. Connect. Read.! Thank you for stopping by to celebrate Bloop and to share its book trailer! What would you tell a group of first graders about Bloop?

Tara Lazar: Imagine you got to adopt the best pup in the universe! That would be Bloop! 

Perfect! What planted the seed for Bloop

Tara Lazar: For years I’ve been joking that if aliens arrived on earth, they’d think the dogs were in charge. After all, we walk behind them, we feed them, we even pick up their poop! I made the joke to a friend at a holiday party a few years ago and she said, “You should write that book.” It never dawned on me until she said it. Thanks, Maria!

Please finish the following sentence starters:

Mike Boldt’s illustrations are bright and bold and bring Bloop alive in all his eager Earth-conquering craziness. This interplanetary pooch will paw his way into your heart.

Dogs are amazing creatures. They are superior fluffballs of love.

Did you know a stray cat just adopted my family. She’s been circling my house for months and finally meowed her way in. We had been thinking about adopting a rescue dog, but I suppose we’ve switched up the species now.

Look for Bloop on July 6, 2021. 

HarperCollins' Description: 

Bloop, the little green alien, must conquer Earth, and his first step is figuring out who’s in charge. The answer? Dogs! This adorable picture book about an alien who looks like a pug is laugh-out-loud funny—and full of heart, too!

In his quest to become the next Emperor of Planet XYZ, Bloop makes too many bloopers. So he’s sent to Earth to conquer that crazy planet first. Who’s in charge there? One visit to the park and Bloop knows: dogs, of course! Bloop tries to master these maddening mutts and prove that he’s top dog. But once Bloop gets a taste of the good life on Earth, what will he do when he’s summoned back to XYZ? Readers will cheer as the little puglike alien realizes the love of family makes Earth his real home.

Tara Lazar’s hilarious text perfectly pairs with Mike Boldt’s vibrant art in this picture book about an alien who finally finds where he belongs.

Tara Lazar writes quirky, humorous picture books where anything is possible! Her picture books include the award-winning 7 Ate 9, The Monstore, Little Red Gliding Hood, and Three Ways to Trap a Leprechaun. Tara lives in New Jersey with her husband, two daughters, and a skateboarding hamster named Ozzie. 

Mike Boldt is an author and illustrator living in the countryside of Alberta, Canada. He has been illustrating for children for the past fifteen years. His books include Tiara Saurus Rex, How to Grow a Dinosaur, Thunder Trucks, and I Don’t Want to Go to Sleep. Mike has two prior books with HarperChildrens: 123 versus ABC, and Colors versus Shapes


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