Book Trailer Premiere: Time Villains by Victor Piñeiro

Happy, happy Wednesday! Please join me in welcoming Victor Piñeiro to Watch. Connect. Read.! He stopped by to discuss Time Villains' book trailer, Javi Santiago, pirates, asking questions, and more. I wrote the words in purple, and Victor wrote the words in black. Thank you, Victor!

Time Villains’ book trailer is an epic tease to the book! It lays out the central questions that inspired this book (and series): If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would they be? And what if the folks you invited actually showed up?

The cover artist, David Miles, captured the characters and energy of the story so well, and the Sourcebooks team did a stellar job bringing the story and humor to life.

Javi Santiago was so fun to write. He’s got this zany, slightly neurotic, overdramatic side that couples with an overactive imagination to make him a lovable weirdo. But underneath the silliness he’s a first generation Puerto Rican kid struggling with imposter syndrome as he tries to excel at something in his life. I also loved contrasting him with his sister Brady, a take-no-prisoners renegade who oozes confidence and endless bravado.

I hope Time Villains is a responsible gateway book. My original answer to the “invite any three people” question/homework in third grade was pretty horrendous—Columbus, Edison and Cortez. A big focus of this series is exploring characters more representative of the world’s history and fiction, because I’m hoping this book is ultimately a gateway to other books, characters and historical figures for kids to explore.

I also hope the book/series is as fun to read aloud as it to read alone. I wrote it with read-alouds in mind, because when I was a third grade teacher I loved nothing more than stumbling on fun, idiosyncratic books with irresistible voice that got the kids begging for more.

Did you know that I’m not into pirates? I was never interested in pirates growing up, and I never even considered them for Time Villains originally. Then I stumbled on an article about “the real Blackbeard” which led me down a rabbit hole of articles and books about him, and I was smitten. Blackbeard’s such a fascinating character, an erudite guy who (mostly) eschewed violence and relied on reputation and theatricality to become the most feared person in the world. He was a blast to write, and I loved leaning into both the outlandish and serious aspects of his personality throughout the book.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me why I’m so obsessed with the “any three people” question. I’m actually just obsessed with questions in general. I was a documentary filmmaker many moons ago, and later a blogger, and my favorite aspect of both was dreaming up offbeat questions to ask interview subjects. I still have a long list of random questions in my notes app that I update constantly, and sometimes post on Reddit.

VICTOR PIÑEIRO heads up content and social media at an ad agency where he's run @YouTube, some of @Google and launched @Skittles, creating its award-winning zany voice. He's also designed games and toys for Hasbro, written/produced a popular documentary on virtual worlds and taught third graders. Time Villains is his first novel.

Look for Time Villains on July 6, 2021. 


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