No Bunnies Here! by Tammi Sauer and Ross Burach

Hello, Tammi Sauer! Welcome back to Watch. Connect. Read.! Recently, I thought about that time I visited a school library in Oklahoma and you were there!!! That was a fun afternoon!

Tammi Sauer: Yes! You have a standing invitation to return to any place in Oklahoma, and I will meet you there. I will not, however, sing the song. No one wants that.

Thank you for the standing invitation, and thank you for stopping by to share the super fun cover for No Bunnies Here! Please take us on a tour of the cover.

Tammi Sauer: Oh, I am happy to be the cover tour guide.

Let's begin with that splashy yellow title. I loooove when the text says one thing, and the art shows something entirely different. It lets readers know that they are in for some unexpectedness before the book even begins.

Now let's inspect things further. If you look to the cover's left, you will see bunnies. If you look to the top, you will see bunnies. If you look to the bottom, you will see bunnies. And if you look right? You will see one very confused wolf as well as, you guessed it, BUNNIES.

Well done, Tammi!

Hello, Ross Burach! Thank you again for celebrating books together during an episode of Book Joy Live. Please tell us about the materials you used to create the art for No Bunnies Here!

Ross Burach: Hi Mr. Schu! Thank you. It’s always so much fun to be part of Book Joy Live. When drawing No Bunnies Here!, I used pencils, crayons and oil pastels to create the look of the main characters and first drafts of the storyboards. For the final look, I finished parts of the drawings with oil pastels, crayons and acrylics, and the rest was digitally colored using Photoshop.

Tammi, imagine you’re booktalking No Bunnies Here! to 200 second graders in a school library in Oklahoma. ☺ What do you share?

Tammi Sauer: This book is about a super savvy bunny who tries to save himself and his cotton-tailed pals from a wolf by conning him into thinking they are not bunnies, despite the fact that a.) they are very clearly bunnies and b.) more and more (and more!) bunnies keep showing up.

Ross, please finish the following sentence starters:

Tammi Sauer’s manuscript for No Bunnies Here! is hilarious, and as soon as I read it, I knew there were so many opportunities to create a visually funny world. Plus, the more the manuscript went on, the more bunnies I got to draw! One of the editorial notes I received was ‘MORE BUNNIES’ which is just a fun note. Also, one of the main characters, the Wolf, has no dialogue, so much of the humor had to be portrayed through visual expression, which was a fun challenge.

Bunnies are adorable, funny, and energetic which makes them very fun characters to draw. Not that there are any bunnies in this book…if a certain wolf is asking.

Did you know that rabbits can see behind themselves without turning their heads? They have nearly 360° panoramic vision.

Tammi, please finish the following sentence starters:

Ross Burach’s illustrations made me laugh out loud and filled me with JOY.

He created endearing characters. I mean who can possibly resist a bevy of bunnies and a wolf who, for no reason, happens to be wearing an ill-fitting pair of pants?!

He added just the right silly and heartfelt details. I can't wait for everyone to see the bunny parade and the Bunny Fan Club gear and the informational charts and and and....

He brought each line of text to a brand new level. Basically, Ross made me look really good.

No Bunnies Here! is a bunny-filled, funny-filled book that will tug at readers' hearts when they least expect it.

Mr. Schu, you should have asked me about my recent interview in PW. It focuses on how my former roles as a teacher and library media specialist helped me to become the children's book author that I am today.

Thank you, Tammi and Ross!

Look for No Bunnies Here! on January 18, 2022. 


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