Book Trailer Premiere: Rock Star Recess by Patrick Baggatta and Emily Mullock

Hello, Patrick Baggatta! Welcome to Watch. Connect. Read.! Thank you for stopping by to share the book trailer for Rock Star Recess. What would you like everyone to know about it before pressing PLAY? 

Rock Star Recess (On Sale 3/22/22) is a book about three extraordinary kids who set out to perform an epic rock concert at recess. During their legendary, one-afternoon career, The Rebells experience the highs and lows of rock stardom, earn scores of fans, nearly forget the most important thing, and ultimately stage the best concert Franklin Elementary has ever seen! Emily and I love The Rebells, and would happily join their entourage, but one of our favorite parts of working on the book was exploring the hidden dreams and talents of their classmates, all of whom you can find ‘living their best recesses’ in Emily’s rich and detailed illustrations throughout the book. From the reporter kid’s persistence to the band manager’s very important negotiations on a toy phone to the merch kid’s ability to corner a hot market, every kid in their class has a part to play in making the dream come to life, and we love that about this story!

Emily and I come from the world of animation and interactive games, where no matter what part you play, you are only as good as your teammates, and we tried to instill that belief into this story. Of course, we also included a few hidden nods to the rock stars who helped make us the “Rebells” we are today. We hope you enjoy Rock Star Recess, and hope it inspires kids to dream without limits, no matter what those dreams may be! We suggest starting in the arts and crafts closet.

Thank you, Patrick and Emily! 

PATRICK BAGGATTA is a creative director, interactive designer, and writer who has worked with numerous interactive, animation, and publishing companies,. For the past several years, he has led creative teams for Disney. 

EMILY MULLOCK is a visual development artist with experience in a broad range of entertainment platforms including Disney Interactive. Her picture book, Go Away, Unicorn! (Scholastic) was adapted for television by Sonar Entertainment airing on YTV in Canada, and the Disney Channel globally. 

Look for Rock Star Recess on March 22, 2022


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