Our Friend Hedgehog: A Place to Call Home by Lauren Castillo

Hello, Lauren Castillo! Welcome back to Watch. Connect. Read.! I had so much fun reading aloud the first chapter of Our Friend Hedgehog: The Story of Us during the Zaharis Literacy Conference last week. It is such a perfect read-aloud. I love the pacing, characters, setting, everything! I wish I could have shared the cover for the second book in the series, Our Friend Hedgehog: A Place to Call Home, but I’m THRILLED you’re here today for the big reveal!

Lauren Castillo: Hello, Mr. Schu Friend! Thank you so much for reading a snippet of Our Friend Hedgehog: The Story of Us at the Zaharis Literacy Conference. How kind of you to share my book there! And thank you for revealing the cover of A Place to Call Home today. I am SO excited that the book will soon be out in the world. Hooray!

Hooray! Thank you! I love, love your books. 

Look at that gorgeous cover!! What are three things you want everyone to know about Our Friend Hedgehog: A Place to Call Home?

Lauren Castillo: Making a second Hedgehog book was so special because it meant I could spend more time in Hedge Hollow with the friends I got so close to while making book one.

I got to weave 3 little things into the story that I really love: tiny houses, interior design, and animals in clothing. : )

I loved writing about the theme of chosen family: Finding the people who lift you up and help you to embrace your most authentic self. I hope the book will be a comfort to those readers who need it.

Congratulations, Lauren! 

Look for Our Friend Hedgehog: A Place to Call Home on October 18, 2022. Pre-order a copy here.

Knopf’s Description:

From the Caldecott Honor-winning author of Our Friend Hedgehog: The Story of Us comes a warm-hearted story about the meaning of home and the power of friendship to help you become your truest self.

Families come in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes they are joined by birth, and other times they are chosen…

Autumn leaves are falling in Hedge Hollow, and the change in season brings with it a spiny surprise… another hedgehog! Is it friend or foe? Or is it . . . family?

On the one paw, Hedgehog is excited to meet one of her own kind, but on the other paw, she has never felt so different—or distant—from her old friends. Where does Hedgehog belong, and who does she belong with? A journey upriver through an unfamiliar forest just might lead her home…

From the award-winning author-illustrator of Our Friend Hedgehog: The Story of Us comes a tale of old friends and new, and the true meaning of home.


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