Rain Rising by Courtne Comrie

I am honored and excited and thrilled to turn over my blog for the day to poet Courtne Comrie. Thank you, Courtne, for telling us about Rain Rising. Congratulations! 

Artist: Laylie Frazier | Senior Designer: Molly Fehr

Dear Reader,

For most of my life, I felt ashamed to be sensitive. I lived with a big, sensitive, easily wounded heart in a world that wasn’t so gentle. I grew up believing survival was more important than my emotions, which isn’t true. I became what you could call an “emotional stuffer.” I stuffed all my feelings on the inside, thinking that there was nowhere for me to let them out. That no one would see me or hear me. That no one would understand. Or that I’d get in trouble for feeling the way I felt.

I remember the day when the voice of a little girl told me about this big brother of hers. He was her hero. He was her safe space in her times of sadness. A sadness she often didn’t understand. I knew this little girl was little me, crying out to be heard. Crying out for that safe space. I knew there were a lot of young people crying out for the same thing. I knew I had to write her story, my story, our story.

Reader, I know how important it is to talk to somebody about how you feel. Even if you feel ashamed or feel like you’re being a bother.

Plot twist: You’re not a bother, and you shouldn’t feel any shame.

Your feelings really do matter.

And no matter what, you are so loved.

And despite what you’re going through, imagine yourself as beautifully crafted clay that can bend and break but can be molded back together again, even more beautiful. This is what Rain had to learn, and this is what we must always remember.

Reader, Rain Rising is my gift to you. Let’s laugh, cry, dance, heal, and rise together. Always together.

-Courtne Comrie

Thank you, Courtne! 

Courtne Comrie is a poet and writer who prefers tackling heavy topics through simplistic and beautiful verse. Raised in Mount Vernon and the Bronx, NY, she graduated from CUNY Lehman College with a BA in creative writing through TheDream.US scholarship for undocumented students. She is an educator, mentor, and an aunt to three amazing humans.

Look for Rain Rising on September 27, 2022.


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