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Happy, Happy Friday! I’ve been thinking a lot about how books can be the perfect prescriptions, especially the stories we experience with our students during my favorite part of the school day: read-aloud time! Favorable read-aloud memories stir our desire to repeat similar experiences. 

They change us.

Is there a story you read aloud this school year that went directly from your heart to the classroom? Is there a character you and your students have talked about so many times that they feel like a part of your classroom community? Is there a book you experienced together that helped you bond? Is there a story that made you cry and connect even more? Is there a picture book your students pored over—returning to the illustrations again and again?

Aren’t stories magical?

Those questions and more were on my mind when I wrote This Is a School. I hope it is a picture book that makes your students smile. I hope it helps facilitate meaningful conversations. I hope it shows you how important I think you are and how the work you do inspires hearts one book at a time.

I’m grateful for you.


-John Schu 

Author and fifth-grade teacher Colby Sharp created the This Is a School Teachers' Guide. Download it HERE. Thank you, Colby! 

"In This Is A School (Candlewick Press, March 29, 2022) words by John Schu and illustrations by Veronica Miller Jamison, we are able to see how our stories grow and intertwine with others. Within this book, rhythmic words and lively, vibrant images declare an invitation for infinite possibilities." -Margie Myers-Culver

"Veronica did a spectacular job on every page and spread showing us so many different spaces in a school and all the beautiful people inside that keep the school buzzing and humming. I can’t wait to share your book with my friends and colleagues." -Becky Calzada 

"If you were writing a love letter about all that a school can be, what would you include? I imagine learning would be a central part. Maybe a welcoming community? How about the people that fill it?" -Michele Knott

"I hope this book lets kids know that school should be a safe, nurturing, and affirming space for them. I want kids to remember it’s okay to feel nervous about going to school. It’s okay to feel unsure sometimes, and your friends and teachers, and helpers around the school are there to support you." -Veronica Miller Jamison

"It is truly an ode to all of the people who make up a lively and caring school community paired with joyful illustrations from Veronica Miller Jamison." -Jillian Heise

Borrow This Is a School from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


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